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Are you ready to unlock the potential of your brand and tap into the large and rapidly growing opportunity provided by ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce)?

FutureSoft India is your dedicated partner, specializing in seamlessly integrating your business to ONDC network. Expand your reach and grow your operations.

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FutureSoft’s ONDC Solutions:

Seller Apps for Individual Sellers & Brands

Customized seller apps for sellers and brands looking to expand their reach through the ONDC network. We have ONDC solutions for brands that are already selling online as well as for those who are embarking on their digital journeys for the first time.

Seller marketplace for Seller Aggregators

ONDC seller marketplace allows seller aggregators to enable their seller-partners to upload their catalogs, manage pricing, inventory and process their orders. Additionally, it allows you to manage customer tickets and orders.

Salient Features of our ONDC Solutions

Seamless Connectivity

Seamless Connectivity: Our solutions are designed to allow you to spend less time worrying about the nuts and bolts of technology and more time on sales.

Customer-centric Approach

Customer-centric Approach: At the heart of all growth initiatives lies the customer. We help you deliver exceptional experiences by optimizing your operations to meet customer demands efficiently.

Efficient Inventory Management

Efficient Inventory Management: Keep your inventory in check with our ONDC integration solutions. Monitor stock levels, reduce excess, and minimize shortages, all while ensuring a consistent customer experience.

Data-driven Decision Making

Data-driven Decision Making: Turn data into actionable insights. Our integration equips you with analytics to uncover trends, buying & selling patterns, and opportunities, guiding you towards smarter business decisions.

Customization for Success

Customization for Success: We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Our ONDC integration is tailored to your unique business needs, seamlessly fitting into your existing workflows.

Why Choose FutureSoft India for ONDC Integration?

Tailored Integration

Tailored Integration: We recognize that every business operates uniquely. Our experts collaborate closely with you to tailor ONDC integration that aligns perfectly with your processes and objectives, facilitating a smooth transition.

Real-time Insights

Real-time Insights: Make data-driven decisions in real-time. Our ONDC Solutions provide you with the necessary insights to optimize your supply chain, manage inventory efficiently, and respond swiftly to market demands.

Scalability and Security

Scalability and Security: Your business's growth is our priority. Our ONDC integration solutions are scalable to accommodate your evolving needs while prioritizing data security to protect your valuable information.

Navigating Digital Commerce

Navigating Digital Commerce: With our deep understanding of the evolving digital commerce ecosystem, we guide you through the ONDC integration process, ensuring your business harnesses the power of this revolutionary network.

Embark on Your ONDC Journey

Are you ready to Integrate with ONDC and connect with a vast customer base? FutureSoft India is your trusted partner in embracing ONDC solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ONDC? How will it help small retailers in India?

Open Network for Digital Commerce or ONDC is a government of India initiative to democratise eCommerce in India. It was established under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) of the Government of India. It functions through an ONDC seller app and buyer app.

It is designed to foster connections between technology platforms, buyers, and sellers. Its primary objective is to create an inclusive ecosystem of eCommerce.

ONDC helps small retailers expand their business via the seller app, which brings neutrality to the eCommerce landscape. With this open network, buyers and sellers can transact with each other without being present on the same platform.

ONDC Seller App allows small vendors to offer their goods and services across the country via an eCommerce system.

How will ONDC change the eCommerce game?

ONDC centralises the buyers and sellers on a single platform, whether they are registered on different platforms, they will be visible to prospective buyers on the ONDC seller app.

Through the seller app, vendors can register them on the platform and enjoy the benefits of the eCommerce platform. After complete expansion, ONDC can provide every eCommerce service through a single platform.

The seller app by ONDC is free to use, which means there is no platform fee (commission). It helps reduce the monopoly of eCommerce giants and creates healthy competition in the market. Additionally, it helps make goods and services cheaper for consumers. Also, it brings more transparency between the platform and vendors.

This transparency aims to revolutionise and neutralise the eCommerce landscape with the assistance of the ONDC seller app.

Why is the ONDC Open Network for digital commerce attracting many players?

There are several reasons why the ONDC seller app (Open Network for Digital Commerce) attracts so many players towards it.

  • ONDC is free, which means the platform does not charge any fee for its services. Also, sellers and buyers can register on the platform and enjoy the benefits of the eCommerce ROI.
  • It has a vast network of sellers spread across India, which allows sellers to use the ONDC app and use this network to their advantage.
  • The no-commission model also helps sellers to keep the price low compared to other platforms, which aids customers in getting products and services at more reasonable prices compared to other platforms.
  • It allows emerging startups equal participation and footing in the eCommerce domain.
  • Interoperability ensures seamless integration across diverse platforms, which enhances efficiency and reduces entry barriers.

Overall, the ONDC seller app and platform fosters equal opportunity for every small, medium, and large business.

How can Shopify sellers leverage the ONDC network?

ONDC seller app and platform can help the Shopify eCommerce store owner expand their market reach and streamline operations. Shopify sellers can access a broader customer base by integrating the ONDC network. This helps them reach customers that do not exist in your customer network.

The interoperability features of ONDC facilitate smooth collaboration between various eCommerce platforms. It lets Shopify sellers connect with other businesses and service providers registered over the ONDC platform or seller app.

Shopify sellers and their customers also get the security and transparency to enhance their confidence in the platform. Shopify merchants can leverage the ONDC network to optimise their supply chain, reduce operational complexities, and make the system cost-efficient.

ONDC seller app network assist Shopify sellers to enhance their market presence, deliver a seamless eCommerce experience, and foster collaboration.

What is the open network for digital commerce, and how will it impact online retailers in India?

Open Network for Digital Commerce is a government of India-backed initiative to create a unified digital eCommerce ecosystem with the help of an ONDC seller app and buyer app. It aims to encourage interoperability and standardisation across various eCommerce platforms.

ONDC aims to bring neutrality to eCommerce and reduce entry barriers for businesses, particularly to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). ONDC provide a common infrastructure for digital commerce.

The seller and buyer apps by ONDC help promote fair competition, improve transparency, and ensure data security. ONDC let vendors access a large consumer base, simplify operations, and collaborate with businesses smoothly.

ONDC helps online retailers reach large customer bases spread across various regions in India. Also, it helps them grow a more inclusive digital commerce presence. Plus, the ONDC seller app connects them with other sellers to scale their network and collaborate with them.

How does ONDC work for all types of businesses?

ONDC operates as a uniform interoperable platform that works through the ONDC seller app and buyer app. They benefit businesses of all sizes and types in India. With its common digital infrastructure, ONDC reduces entry barriers, allowing SMEs and large enterprises to participate in the digital commerce ecosystem on equal terms.

It can be seamlessly integrated across various eCommerce channels to facilitate collaboration among diverse businesses. To instil trust and benefit customers and businesses, ONDC focuses on data security and transparency.

The ONDC network and seller app allow the business to reach the masses and enhance the supply chain’s efficiency for business expansion.

Its comprehensive and systematic approach brings innovation, growth, and competition for businesses across the spectrum with the ONDC seller app.

How will ONDC kill the monopoly of Flipkart and Amazon?

Undoubtedly, Flipkart and Amazon rule the Indian eCommerce market. However, ONDC was created to challenge this monopoly with the help of the platform and the ONDC seller app. It is free to use so that small and medium-sized commerce businesses can register and enjoy the benefits of online selling.

It has a barrier-free entry system for the seller and buyer to use the ONDC app, which makes it easier for vendors and customers to register on the platform and use it as per their needs. With zero fee and no commission model, the platform ensures mass participation by sellers, which attracts more customers because of lower prices than other platforms.

Further, the platform aims to bring transparency and data security to level the playing field to address market dominance and monopoly. As ONDC gains traction, it will gradually erode the monopoly of market giants and provide convenient and secure access to users through the ONDC seller app and buyer app.

What is the difference between ONDC and other food & grocery delivery apps?

ONDC stand apart from traditional food and delivery apps because of its overarching mission and approach. Food and Grocery delivery apps have their dedicated platform. However, the ONDC seller app is not a standalone service but a government-backed initiative in India.

Other food and delivery app offers convenience for specific services, while ONDC provides a common ground for sellers and buyers via the ONDC app. It provides convenience to bring neutrality to the food and delivery market.

Also, the pricing between ONDC and other food & delivery apps is different. ONDC offers user convenience to eliminate the need for multiple delivery apps. Along with that, it also helps in promoting SMEs.

ONDC seller apps and platforms create a competitive market and eliminate monopoly so customers can get the best deals on their food and delivery orders.

How do sellers benefit from ONDC?

The ONDC network offers several benefits to sellers that help them reach customers conveniently, especially with the ONDC seller app.

  • ONDC offers a restriction-free entry system for businesses of all sizes. It helps the SMEs to participate more equitably in the eCommerce system.
  • It helps sellers connect with other sellers for collaboration, which also helps them reach a broader customer base spread across India.
  • The platform benefits sellers and buyer through ONDC apps, offering data security and transparency to enhance their trust.
  • ONDC’s infrastructure streamlines operations, potentially leading to cost efficiencies for sellers to foster a more inclusive and competitive digital commerce landscape.

All this is possible because the ONDC seller app, buyer app, and platform aim to create a competitive eCommerce market.

What makes your ONDC integration services stand out from others in the market?

Our ONDC integration services stand out because we recognise that every business requirement is unique. Our team work with you to develop an ONDC seller app or platform that perfectly aligns with your processes and objectives to facilitate a smooth transition.

Additionally, our ONDC integration services help you make data-driven decisions in real-time. We provide an ONDC solution that shows all the necessary insights to optimise your inventory and supply chain and make quick decisions according to market needs.

Our ONDC integration and seller app is scalable and secure, providing your business with growth opportunities. Our ONDC solutions are scalable to handle your evolving business needs while ensuring data security to protect your valuable information.

Our ONDC integration services and ONDC seller app help us to guide you through the entire integration process to ensure your business harnesses the true power of the ONDC network.

Can you integrate my existing systems with ONDC?

Yes, we can integrate your existing system with ONDC. ONDC is designed so that any seller can easily create a new ONDC seller app or integrate their current system into the ONDC platform for better reach, scalability, collaboration, and more.

We align the ONDC’s standardised infrastructure with your current system and ensure a smooth data flow, functionality, and compatibility. Our team understands the ONDC flow and how to facilitate a smooth transition between ONDC and your existing platform to use the seller app.

Along with integrating your existing platform with ONDC, we ensure that it suits your specific needs, whether you operate in a supply chain, eCommerce, food delivery, or any other industry. Integrating the ONDC seller app or platform into your business helps in growth and revenue multiplication.

How long does the ONDC integration process take?

Integrating into the ONDC seller app is a complex and time-consuming process. It majorly depends upon your business system and requirements. The process works in various stages, which are

  • Requirement Discussion: We need to understand your requirements, like where you operate (your business domain), what you sell, your objective for this integration, and many more.
  • Analysis: Once we have discussed your business requirements, we will check your existing platform and find out what data will be synchronised, which fields will be static or dynamic, etc.
  • Development: Based on our analysis, we will provide a tailored ONDC app development timeline (estimated), and once approved by you, we will work on it.
  • Testing: After completing the integration process, we will test it to check everything is working smoothly and that all the features and functionality are according to your needs.
  • Deployment: When the integration is complete and tested, we will deploy it so you can enjoy the benefits of the seller app.

This is the basic process for ONDC seller app integration, and a more accurate estimate is based on your business’s specific integration goals.

Can ONDC integration help my business analyse and leverage customer data effectively?

Yes, integrating the ONDC seller app can help your business enhance its ability to analyse and leverage customer data effectively. With ONDC integration into your business, you can access the combined and standardised data, which gives you a thorough view of customer interactions across various platforms.

This combined data facilitates you to perform advanced analytics and extract meaningful insights about customers, tastes, behaviour, preferences, and purchase patterns.

You can implement robust customer relationship management strategies, personalised marketing, and optimise products with the help of a centralised data repository. Also, you can integrate third-party analytics tools to make data analysis more convenient.

Integrating the ONDC seller app into your existing system will help you get more customer data and use it for analysis to make better business-related decisions.

What is FutureSoft India's role in ONDC?

FutureSoft India delivers ONDC solutions for every business. We are the pioneer in the ONDC seller app and marketplace. Since its initiation, we have provided deployed several ONDC projects.

Our ONDC services include integration, custom ONDC integration, third-party ONDC integration, and more, which help you expand your business reach. We help your business embark on the strength of ONDC and reach a larger market of sellers and buyers.

We also provide ONDC consultance to businesses to boost their sales and increase revenue. Also, we provide digital marketing services to help you get more customers.

Further, the ONDC seller app allows you to connect with other sellers to collaborate and help each other in scaling.

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