A Chatbots are part of Robotic automation that mirrors human conversations in its natural format including text using artificial intelligence techniques such as deep learning, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms. Bots learn from the previous interactions and become intelligent and astute over the time.

FutureSoft can design chatbots that are integrated with enterprise systems – SAP, SalesForce, MS Dynamics, web portals etc.

Chatbots can be as secure as required by business. Login, Access keys, inheritance through Active Directory integration etc. can make them highly secure just like any other corporate solution.

Importance of Chatbots

Revolutionize your business tasks through our Interactive Bots. Simplify the needs of your customers through our customizable and enterprise-level BOTS. The core of Bots is AI (or, Artificial Intelligence) coupled with custom algorithm that provides instant results and purge in delays to fulfill the requirement of end-user. With Dependable & Secure Architecture, FutureSoft provides hassle-free integration of BOTs with your Business Processes. Our Bot development is revolved around Human-like approach, predictive nature and Simple UI/UX that assists and navigates the user to required results without any complex behavior.


Interactions Drive Transactions

The web was intended for content-sharing yet not for commerce. 90% of consumers start research and shopping on the web, however under 15% of offers happen on the web. Shoppers need to pose questions, get advice, and understand alternatives before they make purchases. Conversational commerce makes this possible without visiting a store or place a call. And the results have been incredible.

Advantages of using Chatbots

Chatbots are a 24x7 resource that can be effective in,

  • Accelerating the Sales Funnel by qualification of leads,
  • Real time decision support to enable Sales
  • Directing users to relevant section on corporate portal/ mobile apps.
  • Finding right training, Installation guides, and Resolving issues etc.

Ceiling Calculator

It used a simple wizard to determine user requirements for ceiling tiles and estimate quantity /costs.

The wizard steps included,

  • Choice of Look – Coffered, Patterned, Textured, wood etc.
  • Color options- White, Chrome, Lacquered steel etc.
  • Tile Size options
  • Selection of exact SKU
  • Capture ceiling area
  • Compute quantity and approx. cost
  • Forward request to next level.
Chatboat platform
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