Electronic Transfers Solution for Corporate Banks

Financial Solutions

Our solution provide banks with efficient automation for end-to-end processing of High Volume Inward & Outward Electronic Payments, especially for their large Corporate Clients.

  • Integrates with various channels (Bank Customers, Central Bank/NPCI, Operations team, etc.) for complete flow of transactions.
  • Handles Singular/Bulk mode Inward & Outward payments.
  • Bulk Pays includes Salary/other payouts, Bulk collections like Telecom, Utilities, etc.
  • Mechanism to overcome the current Cut Off timings for Bulk Transfers
  • Accounting generation into bank’s Core Banking system.
  • It also integrates with other bank systems for Auto-Debit Mandate verification, Global Sanctions check (OFAC - US Regulatory), Document content management system.
  • Web-based portal integrated to NPCI (National Payments body of RBI)

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