DBA Support

At the heart of every high-value business application is the database. Its continuous availability is a necessity for the smooth functioning of the business.
DBA Support

Some of the major problems faced in the domain of DBA services are database performance, occasional downtime, bugs and multi-lingual requirements. A more proactive team and methodology will help avoid any show stoppers due to database issues.

Futuresoft DBA Support Service provides 24/7 Oracle database support for your applications so as to minimize database downtime and increase database performance. Futuresoft has the resources, tools and certified database experts who can help you evaluate the full range of administration options. We enable administration of critical components in the Oracle E-Business Suite and other enterprise applications including Database, Application Server, Web Server, Forms Server and Reports Server.

Key Features of Futuresoft DBA Support Service includes:

  • Ongoing services
    • DBA services
    • Servers and other SW infrastructure administration
  • Operations metrics and reports
  • Service Level Agreements: Response Time, Resolution Time
  • Fixed monthly fees based on the number of assets
  • Risk-reward model for SLAs

Futuresoft will help you establish best practice administrative database strategies in order to avoid risks and exposure to disruptive downtime. Futuresoft DBA Support Service ensures your databases and applications operate at peak efficiency, regardless of the user load. The overall result is greater internal and external customer satisfaction.

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