CMS - Content Management System

Futuresoft provides its clients enterprise content management solutions which help them to manage unstructured, diverse and unorganized data distributed across locations by using defined processes for creating, managing, monitoring, distributing and archiving information.
Content Management System

Moreover Futuresoft expertise in web content management systems enables easy management of content and gives flexibility to the content experts to provide the right information to the right audience.

Futuresoft service offerings for Enterprise Content Management:
  • Document Management Systems - Create and manage documents, while providing enterprise scalability and reliability
  • Workflow Management - Automation of creation and intimation of workflow tasks for document or information review
  • Enterprise Content Search - Acts as knowledge store for employees within the organization, who gets rapid access to essential and critical information. This enables employees to make better informed business decisions and thereby make the organization smarter and more competitive
  • Web Content Management Systems- Facilitate content creation, content control, editing, and essential web maintenance functions. Allows users with little knowledge of programming languages or markup languages to create and manage content with relative ease.
Business Benefits
  • Allows users to contribute and share data at a centralized location
  • Role based access to this data allows data integrity and permission based sharing thereby facilitating transparent communication between users
  • Makes an organization more efficient by managing work flow in a collaborative environment
  • Provides automation of content approval
  • Provides an integrated platform for content management, monitoring, auditing and control
  • Provides proficiency to the business processes by reducing the time to market for the organizations and increasing customer satisfaction
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