Twitter API Integration

Futuresoft offers different API integration for your Websites /web portals. The publishing APIs has allowed websites to create an open architecture for sharing content and data between communities and applications. In this way, content that is created in one place can be dynamically posted and updated in multiple locations on the web.
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Twitter API Integration
Twitter appears on innumerable personal and professional websites nowadays, whether it is a simple "Follow me" badge in the header or a display of the author's latest tweets in the sidebar. Twitter is now a necessity for every website, not just for sharing your thoughts and keeping in touch with people, but also for marketing, advertising and even searching.

Twitter Tweets directly generate tickets in Joomla helpdesk

In this you can create tickets though helpdesk as well as through Twitter.

  • Tweet is saving in such a way that it considered as a helpdesk ticket and the ticket assigned to a particular user for solution.
  • If the tweet has any image then that was considered as an attachment for the ticket.
  • When the user to whom ticket is assigned will gives some comment on that ticket and then the comment would be tweeted back to the user who created the ticket.
  • Fully personalized tweets.
Twitter API Integration
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