Risk Consulting Automation

Risk Consulting Automation

Taking risks can create possibilities but be sure to keep away from the ones that are certain to bring your business to its knees.

We help businesses avoid risk with our risk consulting services while carrying out operational, financial, and technological business activities! We leverage our knowledge of business, finance, and mathematics. In order to enhance enterprise value, reduce earnings volatility, reduce control costs, and increase predictability, our enterprise risk management consulting team works with you to understand your risk profile.

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The constantly changing internal and external environments place constant pressure on businesses to maintain the efficacy of their processes and controls. In addition to having a substantial influence on the business itself, any failure to carry out or manage critical operations has a negative effect on the stakeholder values of the organization. Due to a rise in corporate failures, regulators, financial institutions, and independent directors are paying more attention to how different procedures, controls, and IT securities are managed.

It is more important than ever to learn risk management skills or outsource risk consulting services since volatility and transparency have risen. In response to this volatility, shareholders and regulators have become more demanding, which has increased the exposure to creating the right culture, processes, and infrastructure to support your organization's risk management strategy.

What Sets Us Apart?

We have accurate reasons to offer you to outsource risk consulting services from us:

  • Delivery led by partners: Every client engagement partner utilizes the firm's breadth of specialized resources with greater accessibility at the senior level to provide timely, efficient, and reliable service.
  • Technical expertise: Our multidisciplinary, cross-country technical team includes process experts, background intelligence professionals, forensic technology and field experts, as well as cyber and IT security experts. Delivering solutions to burgeoning Indian enterprises requires combining the best qualities of each.
  • Continually relevant to business: We advocate giving advice that can be used to improve the company. We assist companies in putting the controls in place.

Tools that we use:

    Risk Consulting Automation Tools

Our risk consulting services cover the following segments:



Find out about your customers and check the information you have. Use effective procedures to prevent financial crimes, such as Know Your Customers (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), which are sophisticated methods used by banking institutions and other authorized companies. KYC is a part of AML regulations.

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Sanction Screening and Transaction Monitoring

Sanction Screening and Transaction Monitoring

To keep transactions moving in a favorable direction, this step is essential as per our risk management services. Particularly, it refers to the steps taken by nations to stifle economic and official relations with a state that has violated international law. Sanction Screening Service supports transaction monitoring, which identifies suspicious transactions and lowers the risk of financial crime, in helping businesses identify financial crimes and adhere to AML / KYC laws.

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Fraud Detection 

Fraud Detection 

To identify the root of a fraud, our enterprise risk management consulting employs a variety of tactics. The real-time, near-real-time, or batch analysis of user and other defined entities' activities protects customer and enterprise information, assets, accounts, and transactions (such as kiosks).

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Organizations must recognize possible risk events early and take steps to mitigate them in order to avoid business disruptions if they are to survive in the new era of cascading risk.

Automation technologies like RPA, AI, and ML, are used in risk management strategies to identify cascading disruptions in company operations, among third parties, and more. Free up your employees to engage on more engaging jobs that require human intellect rather than wasting hours on manual, repetitive duties. They may concentrate on keeping clients and business partners happy in this way.

Get prepared to automate the risk management process, because automation of such intricated processes is a lucrative decision resulting in saving human efforts, minimizing errors, and diminishing operating costs.

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Our experience working with customers has shown us the value of creating a dual strategy that will both help clients gain the confidence to take advantage of upside chances while also better shielding them from downside risks. It is important to comprehend risk considering both possible loss and value creation.

Learn more about our practical outcomes that, with our aid, enabled many firms to avoid risks.

Product Development and Fraud Support Capabilities

FutureSoft India has been engaged by Quatro Risk Management Services to develop Fraud Risk Management products for Credit & Debit card fraud management for both Retail financial institutions and e-Commerce Merchants. We are very pleased to say that our partnership has grown in strength to strength steadily over the last 3 years leading to FutureSoft becoming our preferred partner in developing most of our fraud management products.

Product Development

Our experience with Futuresoft in the Product development space has been highly encouraging and very positive on account of their professional approach to product development right thro' the Product development cycle, more importantly their sincerity & commitment to build quality products and deliver it on time!

One of the most important attributes of Futuresoft is their willingness to listen to client's needs and improvise it further with additional research and offer more options to clients to chose from is something that's rare in the Industry.

Support Capabilities

FutureSoft has demonstrated that they have the capability to design client support infrastructure and deliver services based on client size and support sensitivities in a professional manner. One of the true tests for any service provider is how it manages critical, unforeseen and emergency situations with minimal disruption to client businesses. FutureSoft has demonstrated time and again that they are flexible and willing to go that extra mile during such contingencies in the best interest of a client's business needs and priorities. They have a good team of people with excellent technical capabilities, who have a sincere desire to find solutions and or address problems in a short span of time.

Most important aspect of their Service delivery is they focus on building long term relationship with the client without compromising on service quality.

We wish them the very best in their future endeavors.

With best wishes,

Vaman Sriraman

Chief Executive Officer

Quatro Risk Management Pte Ltd


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