Multi Channel Customer Communications

FutureSoft’s vConnect for Customer Relationship Management facilitates businesses to manage interaction with current and future customers.


  • View and manage all your Customer emails, SMS, WhatsApp & voice conversations in a single window.
  • Effective for customer sales, support processes involving multiple agents/associates & large teams.
  • End to end Customer communications/ticket Management.
  • Smart queuing rules & algorithms,
    Intelligent Auto Markers on messages received/ sent.
  • vConnect CRM automates various activities like “Ticket/ Case creation”, Auto assignment to agents.
  • Productivity Dashboards & Reports.

Feature Details

  • Incoming/ Outgoing communications from different sources (Exchange, Gmail, SMS, WhatsApp) can be configured to receive/ send messages in a Process Queue.
  • Supports multiple mail ids (as queue’s) to configure in a given process (eg.
  • Generates “Ticket #” for each message of respective process.
  • Intelligent Inbox Engine with customizable rules to:
    • Auto Identify high Priority messages, Category/Disposition & Customer Type (Corporate/ Agent/ Individual..) of incoming message and can intelligently suggest-assign- to agent.
    • Queue Mgrs. & Agents can track their mails/tickets and assign/ reply on same within defined SLA.
    • Auto Escalations/ Reminders: System can be configured to send reminder/ escalation mails to concerned persons for any missed SLA.
    • Identify & Prioritize emails/ messages based on content (Order/Escalation/etc).
  • Dashboard (SLA, TAT, AHT, much more…).
  • MIS reports – Outstanding report, Escalations, Agent Productivity, Sender Profile report etc.

Now FutureSoft CRM Solution can integrate with multiple channels

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