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Communication & Marketing Solutions

Communication & Marketing Solutions

Communication & Marketing Solutions

Multi Channel Customer Communications CRM

FutureSoft's vConnect for Customer Relationship Management facilitates businesses to manage interactions with current and future customers on Email, WhatsApp, Voice ...

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Versatile Campaign Management System

FutureSoft's vConnect Campaign Management System is a versatile multi-channel platform for Marketing Campaigns and Transactional Messaging across all channels like Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc

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Social Media Marketing

View insights from all your client's Social Media Channels in one application. Stop wasting time switching from account to account, channel to channel. Streamline your brand & competition management in a single app.

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WhatsApp Based Support CRM

Fully automated Support via Chatbot / Agents on WhatsApp to interact with the customer using predefined business rules & logic, and removes the dependency of any manual intervention from a customer care team.

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Email Marketing

vConnect lets you create and send beautiful, branded emails. Choose from our pre designed templates from our library or build your own unique design in minutes with no coding required.

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Lead Management System

Solutions that helps capture leads, market channels and provide analytics to "convert prospects into clients". Customer can manage leads, strategize campaigns and compute client dynamics ...

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