Migration & Porting

Migration & Porting

There are a number of solid business requirements that may result in a need to migrate or port your existing applications. Mergers and acquisitions may lead to the requirement for support across multiple platforms.

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As a starting point, Futuresoft Migration & Porting Assessment Service provide an accurate and timely inventory of all impacted applications, defines migration issues by count and severity, and outlines a delivery plan and a cost model to complete the migration. Our re-engineering team will then work with you to follow through on this plan and to ensure a smooth transition of your business applications

A need to offer faster response time, multi-channel access, web-based services or various other functional enhancements may require an architectural change to leverage newer technologies. Or, it could simply be a technical choice to upgrade your overall platform.

Migration & Porting

For any re-engineering project, various challenges may arise:

  • Difficulties in finding skilled resources for older technologies
  • Complex architectures that are difficult to deploy or cause maintenance problems
  • The need for ongoing support of multiple platforms
  • Maintaining existing business logic throughout the migration processe
  • Integration challenges
  • Incorporating new users requirements during the migration

Business Benefits

Working with Futuresoft for your re-engineering projects offers the following business benefits

Faster time to implementation

Faster time to implementation

high-value risk

Strong ultilization of your IT resources on high-value risk

maintenance costs

Reduced project and maintenance costs

platformm migration

Greater return on your IT investments due to best choice platformm migration

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