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What is a Digital Visiting Card? 

Digital visiting cards come under the contemporary way to connect professionally. Also known by other names: an electronic visiting card or virtual visiting card, cards- with advanced features are the replacement of the paper business cards.

Effective & Sustainable.

Move your business to places with digital visiting cards. The brand ambassador, that says a lot about you, but digitally. From offering such significant benefits of protecting the environment from paper wastage, being accessible and shareable at a click with anyone; anywhere, to not paranoid about losing the card ever, an electronic visiting card indeed plays a quintessential role.

Take a Quick Glance at our Digital Visiting Card:

We are committed to offering affluent features & benefits with digital visiting cards.

Here is how our virtual visiting card could become your choice:

Mini Website in your hands

Mini-Website in your hands

It is mapped out a way that allows you to make a mini website itself. A digital visiting card design is capable enough to turn into your go-to destination for everything business-related! 


Receive Quick Feedback

Receive feedback on your services and products quickly with just a click by sharing your virtual visiting card; highlighting the services and products that your brand offers.


Appealing Design

Embark the success of winning a client instantly because first impression and the appealing design matter! Make sure that your digital visiting card design is up to your expectations mixed with the right alignment, eye-pleasing aesthetics, and customized details!


Share Anywhere

You need not wait for people to meet you personally to receive your contact card now. With a virtual visiting card, share the details with a single tap! Get connected to potential customers globally.


Inquiry Form

You can also get the inquiry option added to your customized digital visiting card design that can be used by your prospective clients as and when they want to clear their queries. As briefed earlier, you are just a click away from any progress.

Digital Card

Digital Card Features

Save me to your contacts


Connect on Social Media

Witness the magic at your fingertips through an excellent digital visiting card design! Get connected to the customers on social media platforms like LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and chat instantly.


Add to Mobile Contacts

Let a virtual visiting card allow people to add you to their mobile contacts in a single tap and witness no fear of losing them ever! This is one of the key beneficial factors that the digital visiting card design allows you to add.


Customize Design

We are always open to customizing the digital visiting card design as per your requirements. Fret not to share with us! We would love to add your ideas to a virtual visiting card with our touch of imagination to bring them to the real world.


Track your visitors

Track the number of people visiting your digital visiting cards and based on that-keep a performance check on it. This will help you know the worth of the card, and if you see no progress- you can always perform new actions.


Contribute to Environment

We believe in contributing to the environment and encouraging businesses to do alike! With digital visiting cards, take a step ahead from paper waste and cherish your smart decisions. Reduce paper usage and contribute to the environment.

We are the ones you would want to trust to have the digital visiting cards created, here is why:

It is natural to come to mind why you should be choosing us when there are a million businesses out there creating ecstatic virtual cards with a splendid digital visiting card design.

We follow certain principles while working. They are as such:



“Good communication is the bridge between confusion & clarity”

We love being listeners and then speakers. You would see us listening to you with vivid interest to listen about your dream project, the requirements, and how you want to customize it.

Post that, we will begin with our speaking part as to how we would work on the project for your electronic visiting card, making sure no aspect goes missing.



“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort”

Once we have added a project to our pipeline, it becomes our responsibility to stay committed to working on it.

We have a team dedicated specifically to creating an electronic visiting card, and hence, it is never difficult to stay focused. The team does their best until they are not satisfied with the result.



“Confidentiality is the essence of being trusted”

As a business ourselves, we understand the scrutiny of maintaining confidentiality. A single leakage of information could come with shortcomings too heavy to handle.

You would see us respecting privacy and abstaining from sharing any information.

For us, confidentiality is the bridge that builds trust. Thus, we assure our clients to maintain conversation between our teams and the brand we are working for.

Moving ahead, we believe it is also our experience of 30+ years that exhorts and speaks for us to deliver high-quality projects based on the brand’s requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions about a Digital Visiting Card:

An electronic visiting card, also known as a virtual visiting card, is a business card that is sharable across any part of the world virtually. To define its definition in short, we would like to call it the replacement of the paper business card, but with excellent features now!

It is considered the professional way to connect with clients, which also saves time & money.

There are multiple ways to share an electronic visiting card. It can be done directly by sharing the QR code, or you could also send it through email, text, WhatsApp, social media, or any other messenger mode preferable to your brand.

Yes, the virtual visiting cards are safe to create and share. Provided they are being created from a reliable place! Moreover, they are also customizable, which means- you can add or edit any information as and when it is required.

Everybody needs digital visiting cards! These virtual visiting cards are used by people from all over the world because they are eco-friendly, customizable in terms of the digital visiting card design, and they can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

A digital visiting card or a virtual visiting card offers multiple benefits! However, one core benefit that this card offers is the ability to share contact details with anyone. You are just a click away, always.

Yes, it is possible, and this is its core benefit. It is possible for you to present your entire brand on an electronic visiting card as it allows you to add media content, website links, and a lot more.

Yes! You can always update or add the latest information to an electronic visiting card without any time or money wastage.

Yes! While we present our ideas to offer splendid designs, the client can, however, always come forward to share their ideas and get the digital visiting card design customized as per their specifications and requirements.

Absolutely! As said earlier, it is one of the core benefits. While the significant role of a virtual visiting card makes it easier for anyone to contact your brand, it also allows them to find you on social media with just a click.

For us, an electronic visiting card transforms brands into huge prospects with real connections!

If you want to know more about it or have any query related to the same, contact us and set up a short meeting to discuss the same.

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