15 AUG

Give wings to your Patriotism.

Celebrate independence day in style with personalized greetings.

The app using a simple wizard allows you to create personalized greetings and share them on social network or email to your friends.

The specially created Wizard of FIFTEEN AUG creates professional images in a few steps,

Step I

Choose a greeting background from 50+ aesthetic choices.

Step II

Personalize greetings with your selfie (photograph)or choose from camera roll. (Optional Step)

Step III

Add an inspirational quote from freedom fighter, or create your message in English, Hindi, or other Regional languages. (Optional Step)

Step IV

Add stickers to your greetings. You have multiple stickers of national symbols - Chakra, Lotus, Tiger, Peacock etc. to help flavour your greetings. (Optional Step)

Step V

Add your company, society, service club logo. (Optional Step)

Step VI

Save your greetings to your device and/ or share it on your social network - Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. or email to your friends.

15 AUG has been put together by FutureSoft to popularize Independence Day greetings. It supports Hindi and other regional language keyboards in your personal greeting messages. More ideas are welcome as we intend to keep adding features to the app each year.
For new ideas or defects, please email us at 15aug@futuresoftindia.com. If you like the app, please rate it on store to motivate the team behind this initiative.