is an instore 3D design and visualization platform that creates customized spaces of professional quality on-the-fly.

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Design Custom Space

Design space from scratch. Pick an existing layout & shape for de­signing the room such as Square, Rectangle, polygons ... Adjust its dimensions, and start designing the scene.

Business Verticals

DesignPro is the B2B platform that showcases products across many Business Verticals - Real Estate, Bath Fittings, Paints, Glass, Doors & Windows, Tiles, Furniture, Furnishings, Interior Designers, Kitchen, Architects, Appliances, Lighting, Art are a few examples. The platform is ready to use for lnStore deployments for walk-in customers or for distribution to Sales persons and influencers.

Product Catalogue

Import your product catalogue to Design Pro with ease. If required DesignPro can integrate with your PIM or CRM to automatically sync latest product updates. The digital precision and immersive precision enhance your products and brand image.

Expandable Collection of Props

Create a collection of your product & 3rd party props such as Furniture, Doors, Windows, Enclosures, Highlighters, Bath Tubs, Mirrors, Paintings,Plants etc.

Cloud Sync

Leverage cloud to manage & distribute product/props collection instantaneously across geographic location.

Design Modes

DesignPRO supports both 2D & 3D modes. Use 2D mode for quick designing and fine tuning - positions, rotation, alignmented of objects. Use 3D mode for intuitive designing experience - rotate, move & scale objects, navigate within the scene, explore lights, day-night settings, apply colors, textures, tiles.

Multiple Views

Visualize your scene in multiple ways such as 360 view, VR View. Use 360 view, to visualize the scene from all the directions without requiring a VR head set, using simple gestures such as drag your finger across the screen or move it around in different directions.

Social Share

Share the scene and its artifacts such as bill of material & 360 view with customers (friends & family). Artifacts generated for sharing can be viewed in compatible viewer/companion app.


Create multiple logins through platform. Authorized access to scenes. Features such as share scene and download scene won’t be accessible to guest users.

High Quality Renders

Instant high definition rendering. Superior rendering capability through V-Ray (optional).

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