For any contact center, keeping historical data is of great importance as this helps in predicting future work load, measuring performance of process & agents and billing purposes.
For smaller or medium contact centers, it may not be viable to procure and maintain a workforce management software. Periscope from Futuresoft is the right solution for the above problems.

Periscope is a user friendly tool capable of collating/ compiling of data from different sources and report in a single desired format. Periscope in reality can bring in great savings to business through time and resources spent in collating and reporting of day to reports. This tool also provides centralized reporting system accessible from various location. The reporting formats can be modified based on requirements.


  • Users of Periscope should be at ease to generate reports using open time range that could be in EST/CST/PST/MST/GMT/IST.
  • This tool would also help business process to view individual call records.
  • System has an option to save the report as favourite. The favourite can be used in future to access the reports at one click of button. The favourites’ are saved with user profile and are visible to the owners only.
  • Users can generate upto 45 days of historical data. This retention period allows them generate report to be sent across to the client.
  • Historical data prior to 45 days is moved into Archive database with the implementation of sliding window concept. No data is purged. Users need for historical data can be entertained with a formal request procedure.

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