FutureSoft is a software solutions company, experienced and proven in developing, deploying and supporting enterprise software solutions. We offer best of breed homebred and third party solutions, backed by impeccable product knowledge and support skills to maximize returns from your investment
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Enterprise Solutions

Tough, Secure and Adaptable – the three pillars of FutureSoft Enterprise Software Solution ensures better performance and smarter business practices

Phygital Solutions
Electronic Catalogue

TRUMPLIFY® - our mobile marketing and communication engine. TRUMPLIFY continues to fulfil the mobility ...

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Intuitive Chatbot

FutureSoft chatbots are one stop for your Portal, Products, Services and any marcom artifact. Our chatbots are ...

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Mobile Dialer

FS Dialer is an automated Intelligent Mobile App that predictively dials out targeted contacts. FS Dialer gives a ...

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Wayfinding refers to data information systems that guide users through a physical environment and improve ...

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A contemporary turnkey solution that bridges physical world with digital world. Physical Interactivity. Digital Immersiveness.

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DesignPRO is an instore 3D design and visualization platform that creates customized spaces of professional quality on-the-fly.

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Communication & Marketing Solutions
CRM for Email Campaigns & Support

Intelligent platform to handle large email volumes for Sales Campaigns and Customer Support. Is efficient and timely emails with your customers most critical for you ? Then read on ...

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Lead Management System

Solutions that helps capture leads, market channels and provide analytics to "convert prospects into clients". Customer can manage leads, strategize campaigns and compute client dynamics ...

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Financial Solutions
Electronic Transfers Solution for Corporate Banks

Our solution provide banks with efficient automation for end-to-end processing of High Volume Inward & Outward Electronic Payments, especially ...

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InCash for Collections and Receivables Management

Make your credit collections more efficient, accurate and profitable. Also enjoy improved customer satisfaction with InCash. Allows ...

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Vendor Payable Solution for Corporate Banks

Vendor Payments Platform as a value-add service for processing large volumes of vendor payable data from customer’s ERP/ accounting ...

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Reconciliation Solutions

Reconciliation system that automates account reconciliation process to a large extent, thereby cutting down time & dependence on manual reconciliation expertise

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Work Force Management Solutions
SmartBridge Suite

SmartBridge is a user friendly tool capable of importing and exporting data from TotalView database using SmartSync.

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IEX - Total View

IEX TotalView Workforce Management (WFM) software provides a centralized platform for optimizing the performance of your contact

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IEX - Total View Training

FutureSoft provides consulting on WFM tool (IEX - TotalView) to meet the desired goals of the management/customer and help...

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IEX - Professional Services

Futuresoft being a distributor of IEX in India fosters successful relationships with our customers through diligent technical support, training and on-going consultation.

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Total View Onsite/Remote Support

Futuresoft offers extended technical support tailored to your needs which is onsite support in the customer premises depending.

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WFM Consulting Services & Functional Outsourcing

FutureSoft has dedicated team of WFM professionals which works on various clients' site handling their WFM operations...

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Human Capital Management Solutions
Productivity Tracker

Seamless productivity tracker that helps you achieve your optimal efficiency.

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eOrbit - HRMS Suite

Central repository for personnel info & Effective management of employee data ...

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Attendance Management System

AMS is the ideal product for any contact center for managing ...

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E-Separation is an enterprise application to automate the employee separation process.

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Telecom Solutions

Periscope is a user friendly tool capable of collating/ compiling of data from different sources and report in a single desired format.

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Agent Lead Mgmt

Agent Lead Management system offers web-based sales lead management software and contact management system software ...

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Avaya, VOIP & NICE Support

Futuresoft has over 10 years of experience in supporting AVAYA & VOIP technologies. Futuresoft provides L2 & L3 level support ...

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