FS Dialer® – Fast and Simple Auto Dialer App

FS Dialer

FS Dialer® – Fast and Simple Auto Dialer App

FS Dialer is the best dialer app that predictively dials out targeted contacts. With Mobile phones replacing wired predecessors and mobility being basic requirement for any person, FS Dialer gives a productivity boost.

Outbound Dailer solutions have been popular, rather an essential requirement of any team that dials out for its business. FS Dialer brings the same flexibility, simplicity and speed to your mobile phone. Your business can work with calls lists uploaded to FS dialer or create a list from contacts.

FS Dialer can be used for any calling operation, be it a one-person team or a large outbound workforce. Your Inside Sales Team can efficiently engage with potential customers or your Recruitment Team can evaluate potential candidates. Being handsfree, you Multitask and while being on call, capture important information to achieve a successful outcome.
FS Dailer
Enhanced Productivity & Smart Calls
On the Fly calls and data capture, saves time and enhances the productivity of HR team. Customizable fields to Candidate information. Easily access Candidate details organized in sections. Ensures 100% of call activity is recorded and available to the user whenever required.
Inform ahead
Inform the persons being contacted ahead of your call through an SMS. Predictability in business is an important ingredient for efficiency.
Predictive & Intelligent
FS Dialer allows intelligently preparing and outbound dialing list of contacts and record call status like connected, disconnected, busy & no answers.
Enterprise strength
Dependability and security allows hassle-free Systems integration, Funneled records and Focused TAT.
Offline Mode
Works even if there is no internet access and data is synced when phone reconnects to data network.
Multi-Lingual Ready
Global accessibility, ease of use, happier customers. Simply select language of your choice and you are on.
Best Dialer App for Android and iOS

FS Dialer for Sales

The enterprise mobile platform is a panacea to Inside Sales Team’s needs, allowing effective communication with potential customers, efficient time management and instant results.
FS (Fast & Simple) Dialer is an auto dialer app for profiling and lead generation engine that wheels your business faster by allowing Sales rep connecting with customers intelligently, easier and more consistently to help in higher conversion rate.

FS Dialer for HR

Phone Dialer app for HR is a leading solution that helps enterprises source, assess and hire the best talent. It leads to smoothening the process of Profiling, Screening, and Shortlisting of candidates.
FS Dialer is an auto dialer app and effective tool which allows HR team to intelligently Organize, Connect, Profile & Shortlist candidates.

  • Organize - Organize all contacts under user-defined Business Units & Requisitions. Call Data Records (CDR) are maintained at user level for all calls made through Dialer.
  • Performance report – IT Managers can view interaction history for each Requisition and Recruiter.
  • Effective Communication – Bulk SMS and Multi-Dialing ensures candidates are informed timely of planned activities.
  • Candidate Management – Organized Candidate info, helps building your HRMS database and reach out.
  • Improves efficiency – Time Management features saves time thereby improving efficiency.
  • HRMS Ready – Your software- your choice. Effortless integration with Taleo, Monster, Naukri, Microsoft CRM, Salesforce CRM and what not. It is recruitment ready.
  • Easy Setup – Four simple steps and you are on your way to speed-up profile shortlisting

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