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The Creative mobile platform to communicate directly with artshows, artist and art galleries instantly.

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Mobile Product Catalogue Mobile Product Catalogue

  • Create an online portfolio of Artists and Art Galleries.
  • Each art work has provision for complete description, multiple views from different angles, link to url and optional videos.
  • Bulk upload within minutes using an easy CMS(Content management System).
  • Updates are immediately visible on all connected mobile devices when synced.

Benefits Benefits

  • Visually-appealing Electronic Catalogue.
  • Showcase Artworks and Artists portfolio with the tap of a finger.
  • Zoom in on art works in high definition.
  • Save time and money.
  • No more printing costs and no more embarrassing spelling errors on printed catalogues.
  • Update your catalogue whenever you want. No more need for expensive reprints.

Push Notification Push Notification

  • Keep your art lovers and enthusiasts updated of new additions and changes to your portfolio.
  • Send updates about the upcoming events or exhibitions.

 Upload Art Images Upload Art Images

  • Upload images for Art Shows, Art Galleries & Artist Portfolio and let us bother about the balancing act of their resolutions and load time.

TrackAR Module TrackAR Module

  • Display information regarding art piece holding smart phone/ tablet in front of it.
  • Pan, zoom and rotate the image of the Art Piece.
  • TrackAR detects and loads the relevant details for the art piece from its catalogue.

AR Module AR Module

  • Select an art piece from the catalogue and overlay it on the camera view.
  • Pan, zoom and rotate the image of Art Piece and save the augmented view.
  • Virtually visualize it within your environment, home, office etc.

Multilingual Support Multilingual Support

  • Art Work description need communication in more language choices to position them globally and in regional India. Trumpet for Fine Arts is your answer for these requirements.
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