Versatile Campaign Management System

Futuresoft’s vConnect Campaign Management System is a versatile multi-channel platform for Marketing Campaigns and Transactional Messaging through varied channels like Email, SMS, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp*, Twitter, Telegram.


  • Grow your customer base
    Grow and segment your audience without limits on digital channels
  • Multiple digital channels
    Wider Customer Reach through multiple communication & Social Media Channels
  • Easy campaign creation
    Easily & Quickly create results-driven campaigns
  • Reach text/Html capabilities
    Use Rich Text editing while creating/ modifying Design Templates
  • Reduced marketing costs
    Reduction in operating costs especially with regards to operations manpower
  • Increase business
    More business opportunities
  • Auto personalized messaging
    Create auto-personalized templates for personal messages (birthdays, anniversaries)
  • Customer loyalty
    Increase customer loyalty & brand retention
  • Insightful analysis
    Optimize your campaigns with insightful reporting and analysis.

Multiple Campaign Channels

Email SMS LinkedIn Facebook instagram Instagram Twitter Telegram WhatsApp*
*Promotional Messaging on WhatsApp medium is currently allowed only as a conversation/chat as per WhatsApp compliance rule etc.

Transactional Notifications/Alerts Channels:

Email SMS WhatsApp

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