Synopsis: This blog primarily discusses the robustness and applicability of NICE WFM software which is a leading WFM software in current day contact centre industry. It also discusses the gains and value add that NICE WFM brings to your Contact Centre.

In the current day industry managing people in a large contact centre is a challenge. Overstaffing and shrinkage kill the margins, and understaffing leads to loss of contacts/business and hits directly on revenues. That is where a NICE WFM and other tools come into action, It helps businesses to remove the leakages with minimal financial Impact.

NICE WFM puts artificial intelligence to work in your contact centre. Precise Planning; Skill based scheduling; Role based access and product support are some of it key features. NICE WFM stands among leaders in the contact centre Industry. It uses high end Forecasting models like ARIMA; Multilinear Seasonal Regression; Box Jenkings and other high-end algorithms for Planning;


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It offers a wide range of Planning Scenarios; Reporting and NICE WFM integration with other applications that gives the industry the right product to explore. Earlier known as IEX / TotalView, this magical product gives you flexibility into planning for every queue and every line of business independently and for entire contact centre. Precision in numbers gives exact FTE requirements.

What IF analysis feature

This feature of NICE WFM helps the contact centre manager to look at multiple scenarios in case of unplanned events or uninformed market campaigns. Larger contact centres with multiple lines of business can be planned smoothly with a robust architecture of NICE WFM. Role base access gives the leadership full control of their contact centre, with precise information about contact centre performance which is available with Leadership round the clock.

Self-explanatory roles and sections give support teams and middle level management clear and precise information on working of the WFM software and their contact centre

WFM Roles and Sections: -

1. NICE WFM Administrator

2. NICE WFM Forecaster

3. NICE WFM Scheduler

4. NICE WFM RTA experts

5. NICE WFM Operations management

NICE WFM provides users with the flexibility to plan even at 15/30 minute intervals. Schedules for the employee can be generated and compared to multiple scenarios post generation. Cloud based solutions also help small contact centres to use NICE WFM product and provide value for money / ROI.


We at FutureSoft India support WFM industry (WFM Services) with Implementation / Migration and Corporate workshops for NICE WFM product owned by NICE Ltd. We hope that it has been useful and plenty of help for you! In case you need any assistance regarding the same, feel free to connect with our team at FutureSoft India.

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