Should you start your eCommerce Business on it?

If you are here to know about Shopify eCommerce development, you may have been hearing a lot about it lately. So many questions like:

What is Shopify eCommerce development?

Who are Shopify developers? What is Shopify app development?

What do Shopify developers do?

Why is everybody talking about it? What is so great about Shopify eCommerce development, and a lot more!


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Do you have the same questions on your mind about Shopify and queries related to the Shopify development company? Do you want someone to educate you about this platform without making you feel even a bit embarrassed?

You have landed in the right place!

This blog talks about everything Shopify-related from its core. What is Shopify eCommerce development, what does Shopify app development offer, and whether you should plan to build your business on this platform? There is everything covered here that you need to know about.

What is Shopify and What Does it Do?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that also uses the Shopify app development service to let people build their online and offline stores to sell products.

A platform designed for anybody and everybody. Not constrained to any business scale. Whether you are running a small-scale business, medium, or gigantic one, you are free to use Shopify! From a person with zero experience to someone with immense experience. Anybody can set up their store on this platform and grow their Shopify eCommerce development store with Shopify developers around them.

In its succinct definition, Shopify and the Shopify developers allow you to initiate the foundation of your store to run an eCommerce business.

It is focusing on “foundation” because as you start with your eCommerce business, you are expected to do a lot. That includes opening a storefront, displaying products, connecting with the customers, payment work, and a lot more. And Shopify here offers all the tools that you might need to work for these categories.


Thus, Shopify in that case works as a facilitator to ease your work of setting up and running an eCommerce business!

What is Shopify Plus?

Are you an already existing part of the Shopify eCommerce development world? Are you accustomed to Shopify app development services? Have you been through that first stage where you initiate with your baby steps and so with Shopify?

Then, Shopify plus is a platform meant for you!

Shopify’s enterprise eCommerce platform for businesses exists to scale them up. It has advanced features, offers great customer support, and has the capacity to handle many customers.

It is indeed a “plus-plus” thing.


What is Shopify Lite?

It is an alternative plan if you want to continue selling your products on an existing website!

It works as an affordable deal in Shopify eCommerce development, that lets you use the platform on your existing website and sell products. Use the Buy button to sell without having Shopify hosting.


What is Shopify POS?

Shopify POS is an application that you get the chance to acquaint yourself with during Shopify eCommerce development. It allows one to sell products offline or in person.

With the help of Shopify app development- you can sell your products anywhere and everywhere. It is a universal market where you can target customers sitting in any corner of the world. This includes- bricks and mortar stores, markets, pop-up shows, street stalls, etc.

You can visit places and sell your products in person using the Shopify app development service, and for the same, you can accept payments through your mobile devices.


Why is everybody talking about Shopify eCommerce development?

Just like bloggers prefer WordPress over other platforms, store owners prefer Shopify over other eCommerce platforms.

The reason is remarkably simple:

Every user who is on Shopify right now, or had been on it in the past, considers Shopify as a trustworthy platform, including that it also offers Shopify app development services. This is the core reason that there are more than 2 million users on this platform today. It is all about its simplicity and reliability!

Shopify: Pros & Cons

Do you wonder why everybody is suggesting Shopify eCommerce development?

Do you question the hype that surrounds Shopify app development and Shopify developers extensively?

These two questions must be on your mind. But they are popping up for the right reason.

This platform has several benefits to fill your pockets with. Read them on your own, and you will realize it is not the hype, but the real facts surrounding it:

Another reason you should be reading the points below is that even though it is an excellent platform, it is still a preferable option to consider its pros and cons to know what you are going for.



Simple to use

Every business owner strives to have profits in their business without having to dig their brains into technology stuff and all.

We know with so much going on already, learning about something new from scratch seems daunting.

And hence, Shopify and Shopify Developers in that case come to save you from bogging down by technology, and other technical administrative tasks. Shopify eCommerce development provides you with complete assistance in managing the store’s technological needs, a clear interface, and access to tools that can be utilized very effectively.

Above that, Shopify will also work as a powerful hosted platform to care for the transaction processing time.


Get to migrate on a cloud network

In the cloud of all the best features that this platform offers, the other one is that you will be able to run your Shopify eCommerce website on a cloud network rather than a server. The Shopify developers will brief you on the same.

If your website has been on a server before, the above-mentioned statement must be a relief for you.

The server, often, crashes at the wrong time, making you lose a lot of data as well as money.

Cloud network, however, drops down such odds, allows you to run your business with calmness, and above that- the cost is packed into your subscription being offered by a Shopify development company, which makes it all the way more feasible, and affordable.


Get access to an all-time help:

Get 24/7 support while running your Shopify eCommerce business! The support team is extremely dedicated to helping their users via chat, or email. You can also call them anytime depending on the number registered in your region, however, that calling option is available for the US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.


A Pool of Apps

This means that there are apps for everything that you want to do on Shopify, and for this reason- the plugins are considered its strongest aspects. It has over 1,200 apps, some are paid, some are free, each serving different purposes including automating human tasks, and focusing on other significant aspects including marketing, customer service, reporting, shipping, inventory, and more.

These tools, as well as the presence of Shopify developers, could work as your store’s strength, simplifying your life by providing you with the technology to scale up your store.

Adding an app to your website is not a compulsion but considering that option could work in your favor massively.


Easier to enter the eCommerce Business World

The thing with Shopify's eCommerce development is that anyone can start their online business here. Would not be easier, but yes- a lot easier than it was ever before. Hence, you and anyone can set up their eCommerce business on Shopify if they are passionate enough. With that, you also have Shopify developers to help you set up an online store.

Shopify has initiated the time to drop down the speed-breakers when it comes to starting an eCommerce business. Guess, those days are over when one had to go through a massive headache to set up their online business.

Cons : The hardest of all,


Shopify eCommerce development will not suffice to define your success:

Yes, as you have read about it now- Shopify and the Shopify developers offer you what the other platforms cannot or will not offer you, and while it makes your business life a lot easier, and allows you to focus on other imperative elements, it still cannot define your success.

It is all up to you if you want to be successful in running your Shopify business or not. It is you, at the end of the day, who must push yourself, with the right mindset to keep learning.

Think of great marketing chops to promote your business better than anyone else in the competition.

Thus, it is in your hands to define your success.


No Easy Income Stream

We know that reading about the benefits has put you in the headspace that makes you realize that it is easier to generate income through Shopify eCommerce development. Especially when there are great Shopify developers around you.

However, that is not entirely true. The income curve would not be straight. This curve is currently building a business and not a direct income source for you! Just like everything, starting would not be easier.

It will take you months full of experimentation to realize your actual income here. However, the platform is promising. You need practice and patience, and things will fall to their right place on their own.

How to grow a Shopify eCommerce Store?

If you are continuing to read it ahead, we are sure you are planning to have Shopify on board for your eCommerce business, and with that, you must also be concerned about how to grow your business the right way if you get into it.

Do not worry about it at all.

Remember we are here to tell you everything in detail without making you feel even a bit embarrassed? Yes, we remember that and will continue taking the stand on our words.

Here are a few powerful tips that will allow you to connect to your customers on a humane level and continue growing:


Become Old Fashioned:

The best way to win your customers and connect to them on a personal level is to be old-fashioned. Write them emails. Even your Shopify developers will suggest the same! We know it is a thing left behind, but as per the statistics, it remains one of the guaranteed constants on the internet.

You might outgrow Facebook, and Instagram, in the coming years, but not writing emails.

You can approach people on other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., but that is to a certain group and certain extent.

However, email marketing will always be a reliable source to work as a messenger to your audience at any given time. With that, you must make sure that the content you write in those emails is attractive enough that the customer finds it difficult to get off their mind while they already are consuming a heck lot of content regularly.


Be Personal

All right! Imagine connecting to a brand in the following scenarios:

The first is that a brand connects to you. It is focusing merely on enriching its business, and not how you act, think, purchase, and do anything for that matter.

In the Second Scenario, imagine a brand connecting to you the way you are! It is connecting to you in your language of fun, and the way you would want. This scenario will prove to you that the brand cares about you. It is sensitive enough to keep your emotions in its mind and perform its activities accordingly. And that is how being personal plays an imperative role.

Hence proved that everybody likes to open a personalized addressed email. Harness that!


Keep the Customers Happy & Satisfied

Do not focus on building your business, but also on a relationship with your regular customers!

You have built your business now, have created a profound sense of aesthetic for your customers, and now your job is to stay loyal, and truthful to your customers!

Engage in consumer-communication through emails or other active modes. We assure you then you will be able to make them feel valued, and hence- keep them in constant touch with your brand!

This will also be beneficial in terms of updating customers about new product launches, announcements, and offers!


Utilize SEO

Everything aside, SEO plays another significant role in attracting customers to a Shopify eCommerce store.

It is a powerhouse to bring relevant traffic to your website.

Yes, you are not wrong to say that advertising is playing a significant role today.

With that, however, the truth is that after spending enough on advertising their business, people realize SEO could have been better. Hence, saving you from jumping into the well, by suggesting you also focus on SEO to bring relevant organic traffic to your website. Moreover, it can also improve your conversion rate, as well as drop the acquisition costs.


Stay Interactive

Think of all the brands you trust wholeheartedly. Are you able to observe one common line between them? It is that they continue being interactive for you!

In this age of interactivity, interactive content plays a significant role.

Shopify developers will suggest the same if you ask!

A final word. Now that you are up and running and (hopefully!) bringing in some revenue, consider giveaways for the audience. Be active and interactive on social media. If you can, give loyal customers discounts on certain products. And importantly, engage with your audience in a way that makes them feel warm and welcome.

All of this pays off, and you will soon see your Shopify store touching the stars!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shopify eCommerce development completely safe?

The answer to this is a yes in a loud voice. Shopify eCommerce development or Shopify app development is 100 percent real, and so is the safe application. It has features that help common people to utilize it magnificently.

Get to set up, design, and manage the store across different channels safely and simultaneously, including- mobile, web, social media, and marketplaces.

Moreover, you can also be assured about its safety from the ratings and reviews.


Do I need to be a designer to set up my eCommerce business on Shopify?

No, you need not be a designer to set up your eCommerce business on Shopify. That is the reward you witness on this platform.

Get to customize your Shopify eCommerce website with the themes that it offers with the help of its online store builder.

Add features and functionality using different applications.

And if you need any other help related to it, its customer service is always near to you.

However, it is always better to look for Shopify developers for the same. They are professional and knowledgeable about every little detail, and help you increase your sales massively! They help you even during Shopify app development.

Am I constrained to be a part of any specific country to be able to use Shopify for my eCommerce business?

No, you are not constrained by any parameter to use Shopify eCommerce! You can be a part of any country in the world. Do your research well, and you will be able to find great Shopify Developers around you, who would do great in Shopify app development.

How much does Shopify cost?

You would love to know that Shopify eCommerce development offers you a free trial chance before investing in it. It is completely free; no credit card or prior payment is required.

After that trial period, you can continue with your plan if you would love to base it on your requirements! A Shopify development company or even the Shopify developers will brief you better about it.

Is Shopify eCommerce development good for small businesses?

Yes, Shopify is a perfect place to start even if you are a small business. It works more in favor of small businesses by offering splendid help and features including Shopify app development! Make sure you converse well with your Shopify developers regarding the same.


Keeping the pros and cons aside, with Shopify eCommerce development, you will get to grow along with your business!

It is an easy platform, but also- provides you with all the tools that you might need to work on! Moreover, you will never be alone! Shopify developers or a Shopify development company are always there to help you.

Besides that, the truth that prevents people from subscribing to Shopify eCommerce development or contacting a Shopify development company is that it is not the cheapest platform, however, it becomes cost transparent with the benefits that it offers including Shopify app development market extensions, full customer support, and most importantly- the option to sell offline too. The rewards make it weigh a lot more, hence- making it the platform that you might want to afford for your business.

Our Shopify developers are eminently passionate and creative about creating and delivering the right Shopify eCommerce platform.

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