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Meet Sharon. The Founder of a clothing brand. Just when she started it, she had some different plans and dreams about it. Honesty and dedication in her work were quite high. However, she needed a strategy to grow the business right. She did not want to compete with other brands but wanted to make sure that her brand collects milestones on the journey.


What she did was a smart plan.

Instead of investing in creating the physical showroom of her clothing brand, she decided to have a virtual showroom. The one that could give her customers the real-life showroom experience from their comfort zones. Guess we are living in the Metaverse era now. It saved her time and money.

Now, what is the end of the story?

The dream implemented with the right strategies helped her succeed.

Wondering how? You know about virtual showrooms, yes.

Shop Anywhere, Anytime Virtually !

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But there is a lot more that you need to know:

Whether you are a B2B centric brand specialized in displaying engineering products, machinery on any scale, architectural products, software & IT solutions, or a B2C-centric brand displaying products ranging from apparel, jewellery & accessories, clothing & garments, shoes, electronics, home furnishings, automobiles.

A virtual showroom can be a skyrocket for your business taking you from your foundation a lot ahead.

It is a 360-degree immersive space that provides 3D product displays and a rich brand experience. In other words, a digitally simulated environment with product replicas along with complete product information & interaction facilities.

iAugment is one such. It is a treat that will allow the end-users to have an interactive and engaging exploration with full control over their navigation, just like in the real world. That too, from the comfort of their home, office, or while on the go.

What is iAugment and what Sets it Apart?

iAugment is a phygital platform- creating product-based virtual store experiences and enabling users to have close to real-life experiences of visiting experience centers/showrooms with its advances in visual technologies.

Furthermore, it single-handedly eradicates the limitations that bound a physical showroom into an infinite space for customer experiences with zero investment in real estate.

As the name suggests, iAugment uses augmented & virtual reality! Prosperously promoting a brand and demonstrating its products with a 360-degree view allowing anyone to see everything with no blind spots.

The virtual showrooms allow brands to showcase products in a variety of settings, create experiences for multiple personas, and see how their products look in different scenarios.

iAugment is offered in two modes:

• Assisted • Unassisted

Assisted mode integrates with Teams, Zoom, Webex, WhatsApp, and Facetime sales advocate (store rep) to be actively involved in the experience and target sales closure.


In unassisted mode, however, the customers take the journey themselves throughout the store.

In both scenarios, the brand gets to have deep insights into the customer behaviour and preferences, and over a period- the brand can use this data to enhance customer experience and products. It has a technologically strong backend that provides these insights by harnessing AI, ML & Analytics technology.

iAugment is flexible to be used in a virtual-only mode as well as can enhance the experience in a physical store using phygital pieces of technology.

The platform can be used in the digital expansion journeys of companies, and brands. One can robustly use iAugment in products of various manufacturing industries such as Tiles, Kitchen manufacturers, Automobiles, Real estate, Lighting, TV manufacturers, Apparel & Garments wear, home construction industry, Sports equipment, Eye Wear, Luxury goods, and more others. Thus, any physical store existing today is a possible prospect for iAugment.

iAugment is a B2C platform! It is based on a very healthy platform that is Cloud & SAAS enabled (SAAS is in the pipeline). iAugment supports mobile & desktop environments as well on iOS, and Android. It can be hosted on both public & private clouds and supports all the popular hosting platforms like Azure, AWS, Google, etc.

In short, iAugment is a 3D digital strategy that you can execute to prosper your brand’s growth the right way.

Features that make iAugment stand apart from its crowd:


Impactful, Immersive & Interactive:

Do you think of a virtual experience as less hands-on than an in-person meeting? Think again.

Virtual Showrooms bring new ways to interact with customers. Now seeing a product is just the tip of the iceberg. Engage with your targeted audience in an interactive experience that highlights what makes your brands unique and the products special.

From digital books and product presentations to interactive product imagery, your buyers will have access to view the product like it is already in front of them.


Lego-like flexibility:

Virtual showrooms allow you to engage with your customers the way you want. Make the content reachable to your customers in the form of 3D interaction, PDFs, playlists, scenes, webpages, and a lot more.


Persona-centric Selling:

The feature is designed in a way that allows you to go persona centric. Show products to walk-in customers differently, and potential customers differently.

The secret is not a secret anymore. The magic ticket to boost your sales is to put the customers first. iAugment lets you do that. With its robust virtual showroom experience, you do not just get to give your customers a comfortable experience, but also the one that makes them prefer visiting the virtual showrooms any day, anytime.

Customer-centric selling elevates your customer and empathizes with their needs in every stage of the sales process. You adapt to the specific circumstances of the customer by nurturing a two-way dialogue, adjusting to their timeline, and serving as their greatest problem-solving ally.


Bottomless repository for curated content:

You have the freedom to show content to the participants with no limits or restrictions. The technology allows you to go restrictions-free to add as much content as you want.


Infinite showroom space:

In virtual showrooms, you are never short of space. Show your showroom spaciously, as well as elegantly, with each product kept perfectly in its place.


Video Calling Integration:

Live interaction or video calling interaction has proven to be an essential brand marketing asset. The feature allows you to have human interaction with your customers virtually, take them on a showroom tour, provide product information, and answer queries, all this to make sure the experience feels the same, but virtually.

The experience will turn out to be fruitful by bringing a thoughtful and innovative experience to the customers.


• Are you wondering if you should be implementing this strategy? Has the idea of having a virtual showroom intrigued you?

• Undoubtedly, the implementation of a virtual showroom can help your business gain ground in the customers' mindshare.

• The innovative idea of presenting the products exactly but virtually has influenced the sales of many brands and impacted their brand image.

• Looking to create a Virtual Showroom or Virtual Experience Centre for your brand?

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