How to Create a B2C virtual showroom with iAugment for B2C customers


The blog debuts a brand-new marketing tactic, a digital showroom that is very likely to quickly conquer the market with its blaze. You will see its significance for B2C brands as you go along as well as how they give brands immersive experiences for their customers. Overall, you'll discover how lucrative it is to invest in developing digital showrooms, particularly if you're a B2C brand. Additionally, FutureSoft's digital solution iAugment which helps brands build their own digital showrooms, will be introduced to you.

Building a digital version of your items and offering a top-notch online customer experience are now more important than ever. You may show, present, and sell digital representations of your products in your B2C virtual showroom that is available as an app for desktop, WIN, MAC, or your website. With the help of a digital showroom, potential customers can visit the place virtually where you can impress your customers with carefully prepared content that includes infographics, animations, and, if appropriate, links to your online store. The ability to invite guests from all over the world and easily scale your business utilizing a B2C digital showroom is one of its primary advantages over a physical one.

Let's delve into the in-depth knowledge of B2C virtual showrooms, conducting online product sales in more detail, how to build them as well as how lucrative they are for B2C brands.


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Creating Brand Awareness with B2C Virtual Showrooms

B2C virtual showrooms are not very popular but certainly form an effective sales strategy that is growing in popularity. A B2C brand can enhance its branding, marketing strategies, and business lucratively in forms of increasing lead generation, expanding globally, and gaining a competitive advantage while utilizing social media all together.

Besides that, it also offers a healthy enthusiasm to end-customers to visit your B2C digital showroom as and when they want. Customers can engage with their environment, much like they would in a physical store. They can go to various counters and select from a variety of displayed goods. Products are shown in a 360-degree view. But unlike a physical store visit, clients receive thorough product information. PowerPoint presentations and pdf files, for instance.

Additionally, customers can easily start a dialogue with the sales team. These in-person encounters greatly boost sales income and conversion rates. Additionally, shoppers can try on things thanks to augmented reality (AR) features. An individual purchasing clothing or jewelry, for instance, may picture how the actual item would appear on them.

Perhaps most significantly, shoppers can purchase goods while browsing the online showroom. Customers value the simplicity of the purchasing process, while business owners value the potentially endless revenue stream.

How Does a B2C Brand Benefit from an Immersive 3D B2C virtual showroom?

Since you can exhibit your products to buyers in a 360-degree view, a B2C virtual showroom can act like magic to establish your presence online. It truly serves as a fantastic instrument for engagingly and interactively displaying your things virtually. Customers may view all your products in a 360° environment at their fingertips by just sharing the link to your B2C digital showroom with them. It will eventually prove to be an asset for the sales and marketing team.

In essence, it highlights the best aspects of your brand brilliantly by granting the following privileges:

  • Provides your customers with a completely new experience
  • Allows you to design and personalize the interior of the B2C digital showroom so that it reflects your brand just like a genuine showroom would
  • Give clients more than they anticipated
  • You can collect data from consumer interactions in the B2C virtual showroom, evaluate it, and improve performance.

B2C virtual showrooms have a lot more advantages. Most importantly, it greatly increases the reach of a business. Physical stores are no longer constrained by the boundaries of their four walls. In online B2B showrooms or B2C showrooms, they are free to present any number of products. Additionally, B2C virtual showrooms provide digitally based businesses with a crucial component that is currently lacking in their operations: a place where clients can see, touch, and engage with things.

The following are some additional advantages of B2C digital showrooms:


Reduce Time

Customers can use B2C virtual showrooms to speed up the purchasing process without physically visiting a store or virtual exhibition. Because mobile devices may be used to access B2C showrooms, it will not only make things simpler but also more convenient.

Anywhere in the world, your customers can access B2C online showrooms at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. During the pandemic, it was a blessing in disguise for both customers and businesses.



B2C virtual showrooms can give your company a competitive edge by allowing it to stand out from the competition. With its originality and simplicity of use, it is sure to impress your consumers.

Every business needs to do something that the bulk of its competitors haven't, and the current environment offers a great chance to do just that. Setting up a B2C virtual showroom for your business would be the safest way to move forward in the uncertain environment we live in today.


Offers a Lifelike Experience

Your consumers may roam about the B2C digital showroom as if they were inside a real showroom, study their products at 360 degrees, and zoom in and out to get a sense for the specific qualities of the products.

If consumers need more in-depth information on the products being displayed, they can also access the PDFs and videos. B2C virtual showrooms will also provide customers with the chance to ask the virtual sales assistant for assistance.


Cost-Saving Approach

When compared to traditional showrooms, which demand more people and resources, the B2C virtual showroom may be constructed for a fraction of the price. The cost of B2C virtual showrooms is one-time. There are no restrictions on the quantity of products a business can display online, but since it's virtual, maintenance will also be restricted.

And for users: Since the B2C virtual showroom is accessible from anywhere in the world, there are no related costs for travel or other expenses.


Visitor statistics

The advantages of virtual exhibitions also include effective data collection and visitor behavior insights utilizing Google Analytics. You may learn details about each person that stops by your booth.

Simply access the analytics dashboard to learn more about the characteristics of your audience, including where they spent most of their time, how long they stayed on your stand, and more. Yes, everything is possible!


Lower the Bounce Rate on Your Website

The percentage of users that leave a website after only viewing one page is known as the bounce rate. B2C virtual showroom visitors will interact with interesting information for a longer period, extending their stay and lowering their bounce rate.

This helps your website rank higher than those of your rivals on search engine result pages.


Enhancing global reach & lead generation

You may showcase your goods or services to everyone, anywhere, and at any time by having an online showroom which will lead to enhancement in lead generation for your brand. Prospective customers frequently do not have direct access to your goods or services. However, you can now schedule more in-person interactions with prospects than ever before thanks to a B2C virtual showroom.


Gaining a competitive advantage while utilizing social media

Your customers can effortlessly invite their friends to visit your B2C virtual showrooms. Additionally, you may use social media sites to advertise your showrooms and get more visibility. Giving your potential clients and customers an engaging virtual experience will help you distinguish your brand from those of your rivals.


Early adopter benefit

There was a time when not every company had a website. Like how few companies have virtual exhibit space today. Your unique thoughts and approach will help you stand out from rivals with the aid of a B2C digital showroom.

Being an early adopter of an emerging marketing trend undoubtedly benefits your brand as well. This can significantly improve your brand's reputation and image in the eyes of your peers, customers, and business partners. Your brand and products would undoubtedly shine best in a B2C virtual showroom. Not only will it simplify the marketing process, but it will also make running the company a lot easier.

With all these facts at your disposal, you can make decisions that are sure to improve your company's bottom line.

Create a B2C virtual showroom with iAugment

The answer may surprise you if you're wondering how difficult it is to construct a B2C virtual showroom. The duration of the process can range from a few days to one or two weeks to a couple of months. Of course, the complexity will always affect the duration, but the good news is that B2C digital showrooms may be developed and deployed in stages.

The production process is significantly sped up by purchasing pre-made 3D components because you may outfit and construct your showroom with pre-existing stuff. Of course, we would then need to develop your current items. Whether you have 3D data, or we construct them from the start, the time it would take to do so again depends on how complex your product is. We can provide an exact project timetable and cost estimate based on years of experience. Additionally, if your showroom is complicated, we can work with several partners from our ecosystem of developers. iAugment will build up interactivity, animations, and sound effects after content production. You can build your own B2B and B2C virtual showroom with the assistance of our developers at FutureSoft India.

All in all, a B2C virtual showroom makes it easier for businesses to separate from rivals and provides clients with something fresh. Every brand in the modern period needs to be innovative, and the B2C virtual showroom is one way to stand out.

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