Top 8 Magento Trends in 2022

Regardless of the size of their company, eCommerce retailers utilize Magento extensively, making it one of the top platforms in the industry. After being acquired by Adobe in 2018, more features, extensions, and plug-ins have been added throughout time to improve usability. In the post-COVID-19 environment, where many merchants are switching from traditional operations to the online shopping experience, it is anticipated that Magento's rise would continue.

We must acknowledge that it is a platform utilized by numerous well-known brands. Magento has a promising future as an eCommerce platform because of the vast capabilities it offers to make users' websites stand out. According to, Magento is used by 17,086 retailers of home and garden goods, 16,880 retailers of clothing, and numerous other business owners. Magneto is used by 12.2% of store owners in the US.


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Numerous shops have switched to eCommerce stores in the last few years, making this platform appear to be their top choice. Magento is a fantastic option if you want to develop an eCommerce website for your online store. This prestigious platform aids in the development of extremely dynamic, feature-rich, and adaptable eCommerce websites. The customers' purchasing experience is made easier, and at the same time, sales are increased. The platform may continue to offer improved performance and the newest marketing trends because it is constantly improving in terms of its out-of-the-box features, utilities, and efficacy.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the top-notch choices for customers across the globe. Over time, it has also introduced trends that make it stand out.

Here’s what you need to deliver to your customers if you are a Magento developer or need to ascertain if you plan to have a Magento based eCommerce site for your business.

Development Trends for Magento eCommerce:

1. In-depth PIM (Product Information Management)

PIM has evolved into Magento's main system to ensure that any problems with monitoring product information are handled effectively. This is so because every company wants to expand. However, with that increase comes a greater need for and difficulty in managing inventory, prices, product descriptions, and labelling. The likelihood of making mistakes increases, along with the time and money required to organize the product information, primarily when it must be done manually.

The shop can handle and store all this product information thanks to PIM. The programme was created to gather product data, update data on sales, and track data from various marketing channels.

PIM guarantees the availability of the most recent product information across the whole eCommerce platform because it interacts smoothly with the majority of eCommerce platforms, suppliers, CRM systems, business intelligence, ERP software, and customer databases. One of Magento's biggest innovations enables any eCommerce company to maintain a product catalogue and regularly alter its marketing message.

2. Technology for Voice Search

This capability is very similar to Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa even though the service is still very young. It has a good chance of having a sizable fan base and aficionados in 2022. It saves a tonne of time by eliminating the need to type search queries. You can ask a question via voice search, and you'll quickly get a suitable response. Right now, it appears that voice search technology is generating billion-dollar sales. Therefore, it is difficult for a businessman to avoid getting involved with a feature that has the potential to help him make a fortune. It is well-liked for its quickness, accessibility, and ease.

3. PWA (Progressive Web App) (Progressive Web App)

Users of the platform now have access to a whole new level of experience thanks to Adobe's acquisition of Magento. The platform may employ cutting-edge technologies to create the greatest PWA thanks to the Adobe cloud. The architecture also enables the designers to improve client experience and Magento's future in 2022.

Magento is used to create PWAs that are safe, quick, responsive, and cross-browser compatible. Additionally, the PWA websites work flawlessly both online and offline. Additionally, when used on mobile devices, it has the same feel as a native app, enabling retailers to give their customers an app-like experience when shopping at their online stores.

4. Headless eCommerce

Beginning in 2021, headless eCommerce with Magento is likely to become popular in 2022. The ability for the retailer to have a distinct back end and front-end application quickly became a popular Magento trend. The Magento developer is free to create the eCommerce site with any extensions they desire thanks to the headless design. It is currently regarded as one of the top headless eCommerce systems with better customization options.

Because of these capabilities, Magento is one of the top open-source eCommerce platforms in 2022. Because of the customization it provides, it has also assisted Magento in reducing the difference between Shopify and WooCommerce.

5. Chatbots and AI

Chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) give you all the assistance you need to complete an online purchase. When making a purchase on your preferred eCommerce site, you must have come across a chatbot, which is proof that AI has arrived and permeated all different types of businesses. These are highly coveted and admired in today's market because of the technology that enables clients to receive excellent satisfaction from eCommerce businesses. AI generates valuable data about the types of customers in terms of product browsing, purchasing intent, and purchasing mindset or inclination. Another wonderful trend is chatbots, which let you communicate with pop-up dialogue windows, satisfy customers, and save money by doing away with the need for a customer service crew.

6. Acquiring the targeted leads

Already, Magento has a potent built-in function. It is now utilizing AI to assist platform users in comprehending and analyzing customer behavior. Utilizing technology, it is possible to measure how long customers spend on a product and website. In order to provide clients with personalized product recommendations, it is also utilized to analyze their purchasing patterns. To create brand loyalty, it can also be utilized to provide discounts on the goods that customers frequently look for or buy.

7. Push Notifications That Are Customized

Magento helps you send customized push notifications to your website visitors. An eCommerce store's revenues climb enormously as a result. You can use its personalized push notifications as well. The majority of the time transmitted via browsers and SMS, they aid in lowering the cost of advertising, announcing sales, informing about new products, raising revenues, and igniting consumer interest in goods.

8. Live broadcasting

The important component in eCommerce marketing is this feature. This most recent development in businesses' ability to reach out to potential customers successfully is due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This one enables you to provide a real-time product demonstration via your website or social networking sites. eCommerce businesses have done this by using webinars, live sessions, and online meetings. As a result, buyers can make decisions about their purchases right away. As a result, the company expands and changes. Magento enables you to take full advantage of live streaming and convert leads into profitable business transactions.

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