Strengthening the Furniture Industry with a Digital Showroom

Bridge the gap between Desire and Reality 

Virtual shopping is becoming prominent. Brands are currently seeing a significant rise in innovation. From interactive apps to full-time digital showrooms. New services that integrate digital experiences into the real world are proving beneficial to customers, especially since the advent of virtual product showrooms.

Interactive virtual showrooms are engaging environments that either duplicate physical stores or are brand-new digital showrooms developed to provide customers the opportunity to shop as if they were in a physical store. The interactive virtual showroom's aesthetics may draw inspiration from the actual physical showroom or come from altogether another idea.

Using high-resolution visuals and an interactive user-friendly interface, the interactive virtual showroom technology enables a brand to improve its online presence. Customers can navigate a virtual environment, click on a particular item to uncover its details, view it in 3D, and communicate with a sales agent via chat. The purchase order can then be finished on the same platform. Thus, the importance of presentation cannot be overstated, especially in retail marketing. Because of these virtual product showrooms and their presentation, companies and brands are increasingly displaying their goods in digital showrooms, giving customers an entirely immersive experience.


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From e-commerce to v-commerce

E-commerce is expanding quickly in the interior and furniture industry. The interior design engages a wide range of senses, more so than any other industry, which presents challenges that are greater than those faced in the online sale of everyday items like apparel, books, or technological equipment. Images and product descriptions, as well as recommendation marketing and emotive storytelling, which are the cornerstone of today's e-commerce, quickly reached their limits.

Nowadays, thanks to augmented virtual reality, boundaries are shifting, and digital worlds are becoming easier to explore. By virtually putting furniture in customers' homes, designing interiors using interactive room planners, and browsing digital showrooms, smart technologies are creating a whole new buying experience. V-commerce, or virtual commerce, is what this is.

There are many benefits that a virtual product showroom offers: With augmented reality apps, which merge digital content into the camera perspective of a smartphone or tablet, users may see right away what impact the new dining room table will have in their own homes. Virtual reality can simulate wall colors and surfaces as well as different lighting scenarios. The customer asks to receive a sneak peek of the sofa in a different fabric during a video consultation. No problem with an interactive virtual showroom. The best part is that v-commerce already exists. A virtual product showroom offers a variety of choices for the furniture industry in terms of customer acquisition and retention.

How does an Interactive Virtual Showroom work for Furniture Businesses?

Both online and in-store purchasing have advantages and disadvantages, but thanks to new and developing technologies, VR Tours combines the advantages of both types of shopping so that we can enjoy the best of both worlds. Virtual reality (VR) is essentially an extension of online purchasing, allowing us as consumers to more accurately picture how furniture will look in different settings. We can make realistic 3D virtual product showrooms of furniture shops thanks to Matterport, a significant player in the 3D VR industry.

Several corporations are starting to use an interactive virtual showrooms as a standard digital shopping tool. It gives us consumers the comfort we require. Online buying has radically changed because it now enables us to try products before we buy them, considerably lowering the chance that we would like the products and will have to send them back.

Brands that Witnessed the Digital Showroom Experience in the Furniture Arena:

The value that digitalization creates for customers determines whether it succeeds or fails. These four illustrations show how customers profit from technical advancements and assistance with decision-making.

  1. Thonet’s digital showroom

    Today, we demand that a modern website express feelings and emotions in addition rather than providing just the information. Both B2B and B2C consumers will find plenty of aesthetically attractive inspiration on Thonet's website. With a range of locations, including contemporary offices and private dining rooms, Thonet has created an evocative stage for its design classics. It has given the Bauhaus axiom "form follows function" a digital twist by saying that function follows the user two hundred years after the company was established. A modern user experience is created by extensive 3D visualizations and is contained in a visually stimulating virtual product showroom. Additionally, technical information is available for download so that architects and interior designers can incorporate it into their designs.

  2. BoConcept presents interactive experience points in its virtual product showroom

    BoConcept is pushing the limits of analog shopping into the digital realm in its main store in Dortmund. Intelligent "experience points" have given the physical store a whole new dimension. Customers can establish their personal style profiles here, for example, or use fabric samples to find the right furniture and design solutions. The Danish furniture maker offers visuals of every possible color and pattern combination in the Toolbox, providing consumers a more in-depth understanding of their ideal design than a fabric swatch can. The analog point of sale makes excellent use of digital opportunities for the advantage of the customer.

  3. Augmented reality at Villeroy & Boch 

    Will the much-desired bathroom cabinet fit in the room? The Villeroy & Boch augmented reality software serves as an engaging link between fantasy and reality: Customers can replicate the size, colors, and fit of their fantasy interior using a smartphone or tablet and an AR marker placed in the appropriate location in the bathroom. In their bathroom, the app presents the product in photorealistic detail. It may then be adjusted to their tastes and viewed from all angles on their smartphone or tablet screen, with all the necessary details like costs and assembly instructions at their fingertips. Villeroy & Boch provides a personalized fit for its customers' preferences with its interactive interior planning tool.

  4. Sudbrock presents its 3D interactive virtual product showroom 

    Customers can virtually experience Sudbrock's living room furniture in all three dimensions. They can experience a cutting-edge digital showroom with the help of cutting-edge technology developed by 3D experts Matterport. The interactive virtual showroom allows customers to explore every aspect of the 360-degree views from any angle, and the ground plan and ground-breaking Dollhouse mode give you a high-level overview of the rooms and properties. A unique shopping experience that is barely in any way inferior to going to a physical store is created through embedded information, photographs, and videos in the digital showroom that complement the digital product presentation.

Create a Future Opportunity in the Furniture Industry with a Virtual Product Showroom:

Cost-Minimization Solution:

The already stressed B&M retail sector is at a critical turning point. Nevertheless, by improving your digital showroom experience, you may safeguard your company in the near term and make it profitable in the long term.

In the long run, you have the chance to integrate digital technology into the showroom to provide a more comprehensive, interactive, and customized in-person purchasing experience. With a digital showroom, you might, for instance:

Bring the in-store views from the online: 

Touchscreens seen inside stores could be used for this. Instead, you might use a smartphone's augmented reality (AR) capabilities to design a scenario in an interactive virtual showroom where buyers can point at a product in the store and receive a digital demonstration.

With an interactive virtual showroom, provide your customers with the appearance of an infinite inventory:

Installing digital screens with storeroom and online inventory information in a clothes store would provide customers with access to more sizes and colors than could be shown on a rack. Customers may simultaneously access the complete range of possibilities while they touch, investigate, and try on things in-store. If the store does not carry their chosen configuration in a virtual product showroom, they can choose what they want on the touchscreen, buy it there, and then wait for it to be delivered to their house.

Last Words:

Digitalization or a virtual product showroom is opening a rapidly expanding range of new prospects, from market research in digital showrooms to virtual reality technologies. The furniture industry is focusing on this to fulfill the customer's demand to experience the complete spectrum of its products without leaving the house. By visualizing the new sofa in various situations, the selection process is facilitated, and delivery-related concerns are avoided. Utilizing digital technologies is a ground-breaking action for future clients and is also pleasurable.

Additionally, since an online presence is available 24/7, pricey retail space can theoretically be replaced by a limitless number of virtual environments. This trend is being accelerated by the creation of VR products that are constantly developing, creating new opportunities for the furniture and interior design industries.

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