Automate your Signages Workflow with Signage Pro: A Signage Workflow Portal

Just like any other industry, a retail industry too, holds a lot of responsibilities. Majorly to keep their brand alive, as well as to achieve higher business milestones. Signages based branding is crucial, whether you are a small, medium, or large organization or a company-based showroom or running a giant experience center. The workflow is immense, and if not supervised accurately, it naturally gets on your nerves.

Self-branding for an organization is not limited to just signages. It includes civil work, finishing, interiors, lighting, catalogues, flex or retail banners, display counters, outdoor promotion, digital sign boards, and a lot more. To align the tasks with no stress, a workflow managing software, aka smart signage portal comes in handy. It empowers managers of retail showrooms, experience centers, and franchises to assign tasks to their workforce and receive reports of completed tasks. This helps to avoid the chances of miscommunication and create actionable tasks.

We, at FutureSoft, have been rigorously originating a myriad of digital products for more than 3 decades now and getting better at it each time.

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With our experience of working for brands, we have now enumerated another digital product, that is Signage Pro. A smart digital signage system. This software allows you to lessen the manual work to work smartly and efficiently while managing your brand’s branding.

Do you wonder if Signage Pro is your requirement? Is it a yes from your end? Imagining the workflow, we know the requirement exists, and the below-mentioned signs will show you a glassy picture of it.
Here are the following signs:
  1. Approvals take time:
    If you are in a situation where you must create a spreadsheet, fill it with information, email it to the required person, wait for their approval and then forward it to the other person to let them know the work is approved, then it is a sign for your organization to get the branding workflow software which will take a single click to approve and let everyone be informed about it.
  2. Major tasks are missing:
    It is natural to miss tasks, and even the major ones if you are filled with a lot of work. This creates a mess if the work is being recorded manually. In such situations, it is advisable to create workflow software so that no major task goes missing.
  3. The wrong people are regularly dealing with the tasks:
    With no systematic organization planning, one tends to get confused about whom to go to get the specific task done. This results in reaching out to the wrong person because that is of least resistance.
    However, with workflow automation, this can be handled swiftly with proper time management and no time wastage at all.
  4. Unaware of the work status:
    While keeping the work track manually, no one seems to be aware of the work status unless they are the ones dealing with it.
    An automated workflow software will allow you to not only streamline the process but also point out how the process can get better. With the help of the system, you can identify the gaps and correct them by running a report.
  5. Doubtful about the next task:
    Often while working, there comes a stage when one is unaware of their next task. This not only wastes the money being paid to human resources but also delays the work. To ensure no delays or gaps in work, instead of asking people to remember what the next step in a process is, just mention it on the portal, so they do not have to think about it. Using a process engine means that whatever the next step is, it is either done automatically or someone is alerted to start the next task.

    The above-mentioned signs are clear to guess if your brand or an organization needs this signage workflow portal to accommodate the missing information.
    However, we encourage you to reach out to us to clear up any confusion regarding the same, and to enjoy the smooth process ahead.

What sets Signage Pro apart from other Signage Workflow Portals?

As talked about earlier, Signage Pro is a one-stop management software of signages and other in-shop branding elements. It is flexible and allows brands to manage new requests, rework, and maintain work for in-house branding, trade marketing, outdoor promotion, etc.

The portal also works as an assistant- suggesting excellent ways to excel in the brand’s life.

Here is how Signage Pro sets itself apart from other workflow software, helps in reducing the friction in your business, and independently wins the game with its splendid features:

Stakeholders Management:
Maintain tasks and work efficiently. Signage pro allows organizations to leverage peace of mind by maintaining their tasks smartly. Avoid the hassle and win the game. This digital solution will allow you to keep a managed check on each stakeholder, their tasks, responsibilities, and rights.
Brand Elements Management:
The minor details do the major work. Whether it is the size, shape, component’s area, or the material used for the signage and other branding components. Signage pro records all the details and tick-marks tasks in your headspace. Feel the presence of uniformity with Signage Pro, always.
This signage management system has an in-built configurator permitting the appointed vendors to make changes. They can make edits for branding purposes as the requirement asks. Whether it is to edit pictures of the showroom, create markings, designate measurements, or define signages- A vendor is allowed to do all with the AI-based recommender to work stupendously.
Manual, Semi-Automated, and Automated Workflows:
It is designed keeping in mind the different situations. Even though it is opted to work automatically. You, however, have the chance of working manually on it depending upon the scenario of the branding process. Each stakeholder can raise alerts, input feedback, and add corrective measures as and when they feel a certain attribute could add success to the project.
Approval and Escalation Matrices:
The presence of Signage Pro will create the presence of smooth workflow for your project. Its creation is quite well planned and systematic. Anticipate the robust performance with no leakages because of strict approvals/rejections and signoffs established by pre-determined authorizations.
Reports and Analytics Dashboards:
Managing reports manually is a daunting process and doing the same on a single tap is the opposite. A single tap can present an interactive dashboard to you- showing results like the progress of a particular showroom, a signage replacement, payments updates, and the overall performance of the vendor.

The Last Words

What are you wondering now? Automate your entire workflow with this Signage management system and speed up the activities in no time. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.
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