Shopify vs Shopify Plus: Which One Should You Choose?

It's important to choose the best eCommerce platform to host your online store, but it can be challenging to know which choice is best for your company. The eCommerce community is buzzing about the platforms Shopify and Shopify Plus, and many store owners have nothing but praise for them.

Which plan is appropriate for your online store and what are the differences between the two? The primary distinction between the two services is that Shopify is intended for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), whereas Shopify Plus is intended for bigger, even enterprise-level organizations.

Before getting into pricing details and the primary distinctions between Shopify and Shopify Plus, we'll go over what each plan offers in the sections below. Read on to learn which option is best for you if you're thinking about switching from the basic Shopify plan to Shopify Plus or from another e-commerce platform (like BigCommerce or Magento).


In essence, Shopify Plus includes everything from the base Shopify plan and then more. In order to assist you understand the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus, we'll concentrate on the new essential features and benefits that Shopify Plus offers rather than on their similarities.

Here are 10 updates and new features that come with Shopify Plus:

1. Powerful and quick

The strain of an impending sale or handling traffic spikes on significant days is the most difficult chore for any eCommerce shop to complete. And if they can persevere through it all, they do manage to emerge with an unbelievable profit. One should be concerned about handling massive amounts of transactions every minute.

However, Shopify Plus is made to function well during campaigns with significant traffic. It is constantly prepared to support you as you expand your company and serve more customers. With limitless bandwidth and transactions, Shopify Plus gives eCommerce shops the ability to process almost 11,000 checkouts per minute while maintaining an astounding 99.99% uptime.

2. Shopify Plus's AR, 3D, and video features

Online shopping requires the use of all five senses. It can be a little challenging to do that. But what if you used technology to create seamless experiences that promoted your products?

Using real-life videos and other interactive content on Shopify Plus, you can engage your audience and share your brand's narrative. Retailers may create a realistic shopping experience by using augmented reality and 3D on product pages.

3. Custom Automations Feature on Shopify Plus

Several storefront and marketing-related operations for a retail brand frequently need to be automated. With Shopify Plus, companies can use flow to create, import, and even set up different automation for a variety of business operations.

Retailers, for instance, can establish rule-based discounts to address certain client segments or can schedule the sending of offers. Businesses may increase the efficiency of their backend operations and expand the reach of their brands by using Shopify Plus.

4. Adaptations to already-existing platforms

Although there is no limit to the number of apps you can connect to your Shopify store, high growth and complicated organizations may occasionally find that it makes more sense to link with their existing platforms. The Shopify API makes this possible. Platforms for include among examples:

  • Information management for products (PIM)
  • Organizational resource planning (ERP)
  • Management of inventory and orders (IMS and OMS)
  • Management of customer relationships (CRM)
  • Auxiliary logistics (3PL)
  • Software for managing warehouses (WMS)
  • Partners in global fulfilment

5. Program for Merchant Success

A Merchant Success Program on Shopify Plus aids users in getting the most out of the software. They are prepared to assist you with third-party platforms, products, and integrations in addition to providing training to enable you to reach your maximum potential. Your Merchant Success Manager can assist you with anything you might require.

In addition to providing you with 24/7 support, the staff is prepared to help you identify authorized Shopify Plus Partners to keep you informed of industry trends and support events like flash sales.

6. Capabilities for omnichannel

A Shopify Plus feature that can assist you in providing a unified experience over all channels.

It goes without saying that an eCommerce company should sell where people prefer to purchase. Thus, the omnichannel eCommerce strategy makes perfect sense by spreading your shop across numerous platforms and doing everything in your power to draw in new clients.

Shopify Plus enables businesses to sell their goods in 175 countries over 20 online social networks and integrations. Additionally, companies can select from more than 6600 mobile partners or applications to use influencers, user-generated content, and real customer reviews.

7. Options for deeper analytics

Shopify has a thorough analytics dashboard where you can monitor information on sales, popular products, landing pages or referrers, the percentage of repeat customers, and more. With the help of this tool, you can create expert reports and get the most recent information about your store.

While this can be sufficient for most businesses, Shopify Plus partners with top analytics firms to keep you informed of the most recent trends in your store.

8. Prepared for the B2B Market

Businesses frequently work with nearby merchants to sell their collections online or in conventional brick-and-mortar stores. This helps the retail sector's chosen omnichannel business strategy.

In these circumstances, the B2B feature of Shopify Plus is useful. It grants wholesale purchasers access to a separate, password-protected storefront. Customers may quickly check bulk shipping costs, personalized pricing, and a selection of products available only to wholesale customers. Additionally, the purchasers can easily obtain the B2B invoice for their purchases.

9. Customizable & Faster Checkouts on Shopify Plus

Faster checkout times always result in greater conversions and easier shopping experiences in the world of eCommerce. Particularly in the product-driven retail industry, where what one brand is likely also selling from another, and at a lower cost. The only way to guarantee conversions is through quick checkouts.

You can speed up and increase conversions on your eCommerce website with Shopify Plus. With Shop Pay and a mobile-first design, its checkout is totally customizable and offers a 60% faster checkout time, which results in up to an 18% higher conversion rate.

10. Additional API integrations

The APIs on any website make it possible to integrate third-party applications.

Shopify Plus features improved API resources including GiftCard, User, and Multipass to make it easier for users to take full benefit of third-party apps.

In case you are curious, GiftCard is another form of payment. The Shopify store is smoothly redirected for website visitors using Multipass login (without separate login credentials and without the need to synchronize any customer database). You can add, remove, edit, and obtain data about staff accounts using User.

Additionally, Shopify Plus enables you to create your own private applications or even link it with third-party apps.

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