Maintain the Apps, and Fuel Up your Business with our Application Management Service: LivingApps!

"Enjoy the Fruits, leave the gardening on us"

In this digital landscape, every business desires to create seamless experiences for its customers. Be it through trying newly invented ways or recreating the original ones. The brand managers are rightly trying to grab the attention of their customers and influence them positively.

Creating and maintaining a range of applications required by a business like mobile apps, internet/ web applications including the mission critical ones are among them.

Are you also one of those businesses trying to leave a positive impact on your customers? Do you run a business where your application is the center of attraction, but that is not operating well? Is it a yes from your end?

Whether your products & services are B2B, B2C OR B2E, excellence is the key to success. Partner with us to maintain your existing applications; you can continue to enjoy them as the center of attraction and fuel up your business.

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Ready to create the next big thing in mobile? Our expert team is here to help you build a game-changing app.
  • Scalable
  • Personalized Experience
  • Increased Cart Value
  • Improved Retention
  • Boost Conversation
  • Customer Loyalty
Yes, you read it right in the beginning,
"Enjoy the fruits, leave the gardening on us."
Here is how: Imagine you have a garden full of trees. You are regularly watering them. Your trees have the potential to offer you plenty of fruits. One thing is, however, missing. That is gardening.
Gardening does not save the plants from any damage, but its presence prevents the damage from reaching them.
This is How we Help you here:
You run a business. You have the apps. However, the apps are not operating swiftly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. You need application management services.

Our team of technology experts has the magic wand to give your business applications the life that they need: an application management service called Living Apps.
What Exactly is the Living Apps Service?
"Living apps" is a FutureSoft application management service that is designed to ensure that you get to modernize, assess, optimize and maintain the business applications properly and efficiently.

It also allows you to focus on the main goals, work on innovations, and run the business optimally.

As the name suggests, Living Apps- gives life to the applications, as well as reduces their maintenance costs, increases customers' responsiveness, and enhances their quality as well as reliability. The other key features include:

Bugs fixing I Minor features' changes I Application Stability I Availability of new features I Application Maintenance metrics & reports I SLAs using configuration management, a lot more

Hence, Living Apps- allows you to enjoy your business apps without creating new ones.
How is the Application Management Service Beneficial for your Business:
The question is certain to come to your mind. Here is a breakdown of the benefits showing how your business may leverage growth in the presence of the application management service:

  1. Better Performance:
    Positively anticipate the better performance of your business with maintenance costs going down with the effort of synchronizing design, development, and testing efforts. In the presence of the application management services, you also get an increment in revenue streams with improvement in the availability and performance of major applications.
  2. Focus on your Core Business Mission:
    The application management service removes the hurdles from your path and allows you to focus on your core business mission. With no risk of downtime because of the platforms' stability, you get to stay focused, appoint the best business practices and increase efficiency.
  1. Better End-User Experience:
    Do not just anticipate a better end-user experience with the application management services, but also a great business relationship with your internal and external users. You get quality in your hands, but also the pleasure of meeting the needs and expectations of your stakeholders.
  2. Positive Productivity Slope:
    With the appointment of application management service, your work hours are reduced in managing the applications, and increase in bringing remarkable results out of them. Thus, there is always a positive slope in productivity in the presence of application management services.
  3. Reduction in Losses:
    An application management service prevents problems from occurring, as well as minimizes the chances of financial losses in your online store.

In the presence of this quality service, especially when you are operating the mission critical applications, you can quickly remove the hindrances from the path with your sufficient knowledge and avoid long-term interruptions and losses.

This way, the application maintenance service would not just make your app live, but also make its features operate well.

Are you wondering if you need the application management service for your business? You can connect with our professionals who have expertise in the field with their decade of experience or more. We strongly suggest you to be quick to leverage this benefit for your online store.

Why Should you Choose FutureSoft?

Our team loves to do everything tech. You are already aware of Living Apps.
But you may not be well versed with us. Here is a little introduction to our company, Future Soft: We are a software solutions provider, offering a diverse range of services to businesses.
Consider visiting our website to learn about us in brief:
But why should you choose to work with us for the maintenance of your existing apps? Here are the reasons:
  • Communication:
    “Every Act of Communication is a Miracle of Translation”
    We Communicate. It is that tool for us whose absence can harm us enormously. We believe it is crucial to communicate to not create any misunderstandings or confusion and see the magic of translation unfolding in front of us.

    To understand the project well, we make sure that we listen to our clients first. Thus, while working with us, we assure our clients about direct communication and feedback with no back and forth.
  • Planning
    “A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish”
    We plan and strongly agree with the above-mentioned quote. We understand that without actionable steps, a dream is just a dream. Thus, planning allows us to unite towards the common goal, and when that happens, it is easier to bring our dream to the real world, manage time as well as resources.

    For every project, we follow a strategic planning procedure to make sure that the goals are ascertained positively. Here is how the planning process goes for the Application Management service:
  • Experienced Team Members
    “Experience is Knowledge”
    Our team members are highly experienced. With years of experience and their education in engineering, they have instrumentally delivered quality work to the clients. However, what makes them different is that: it is not just their experience but also their curiosity and ability to keep learning and inventing new ways of working.
  • Meeting & Exceeding Expectations
    “Meeting Expectations is good. Exceeding Expectations is better”
    The quote says all. To meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, we try to understand who our clients are and what they want. That is how our process looks:
    • We try to understand our clients first. Our listening strategy helps us here. We make sure that we collect as much information as possible from them.

    • Post listening, we try to understand their needs. That helps us comprehend what to deliver. And this way, we deliver our clients' needs and meet their expectations. Once we feel we have reached the stage of meeting their expectations, we walk the extra mile and exceed expectations.
  • Quality Work
    “Quality is the Best Business Plan”
    While we assure our clients to deliver work by the given deadline, we also make sure that we do not deplete its quality in the hurry of submitting projects on time. When we talk about delivering quality work, we aim to deliver the satisfying output within the estimated time. This is how the process of delivering our quality work looks like:

    We retain knowledge. Based on that knowledge, we follow a procedure to guarantee quality work to our clients by initiating the proposal, working on its planning, executing the plan, monitoring the executed work, and giving the final change to its closure.
Overall, each of our steps is correlated to each other. So much so that the absence of one can disturb the presence of the other.

Now that you are aware of the numerous benefits of maintaining your business mobile apps, and working with us, what are you thinking? Are you ready to fuel up your business? We are assuming that you have that shine in your eyes on realizing that you would not have to lose your brainchild internet service or app now.

If you need gardening for your plants, we are here to make sure that the fruits are delivered right to you. Just send us an email, and we promise to respond to your query quickly!

We would love to be a part of your journey to success. Let's team up today!
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