Witness & NICE Quality Monitoring

In today's customer-driven economy, your business success may rest in your contact center. Your customer interaction center is where your current and potential customers experience first-hand your services, your products and your brand. As a result, quality assurance is the focal point of any successful contact center and any thriving enterprise.
Witness & NICE Quality Monitoring

With pre-defined and established integration to all major CRM and e-media applications, eQuality® empowers you to optimize the performance of your contact center and provide your customers with quality service across all media. With eQuality, you can:

  • Generate additional revenue opportunities
  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce agent turnover
  • Enhance customer retention
  • Achieve greater customer loyalty
eQuality - an Integrated Closed-Loop System for Continuous Performance Improvement
Tap into the full potential of your contact center with our eQuality suite of multimedia monitoring, analysis and e-learning management software:

eQuality Analysis (performance analysis)
Combines, assesses and explores data from throughout the contact center to pinpoint the relationship various metrics (such as ACD and CRM) have on one another.

eQuality Balance (business driven recording)
Captures customer interactions from both a voice and data perspective for random quality assessments or business-driven recording.

eQuality Callminer (speech analytics)
eQuality CallMiner combines leading-edge speech recognition technology, statistical methods and data mining techniques to automate the review of recorded contact center calls.

eQuality ContactStore (full-time recording)
Records 100 percent of voice conversations between CSRs and customers, along with the corresponding computer desktop activity, such as the CSR keystrokes and data input. Designed for organizations with high-volume recording requirements, including compliance recording.

eQuality ContactStore Express (customer interaction recording)
eQuality ContactStore Express provides a powerful, easy-to-use, 100 percent recording solution that requires minimal technical skills to deploy and use.

eQuality ContactStore Plus (business driven multi-media recording)
eQuality ContactStore PLUS is a Witness Systems solution for capturing customer interactions for environments that require both full-time recording and agent performance optimization.

eQuality Discover (Web self-service recording)
Captures and replays customer experiences on the Web. With an instant replay of critical Web visitor interactions, such as those that result in the visitor placing a phone call or abandoning a shopping cart, eQuality Discover helps identify clear action steps for improving Web effectiveness.

eQuality Evaluation (contact evaluation)
Facilitates simultaneous evaluation and scoring of agent performance by creating customized forms, reports and graphs for summarizing and providing immediate performance summary to contact center management.

eQuality Focus (desktop monitoring)
Monitors desktop activity and provides graphical reports to illustrate which applications employees use, including how they use them, when and for how long.

eQuality Now (dynamic learning environment)
Optimizes the skills of your CSRs by identifying, scheduling and delivering personalized online learning and mentoring.

eQuality Producer (e-Learning contact editing)
Enables users to create a quickly-developed audio and video e-learning program. Users can easily import recorded content from eQuality Balance and create lessons based on portions of one (or several) recorded calls. Requires no technical knowledge to operate.

eQuality Vision (call visualization)
Enables the rapid search and retrieval of recorded customer interactions. With this solution's powerful data visualization capabilities, you can easily pinpoint and view contacts of interest.

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