Augmented Reality is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time

Augmented Reality Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality completely become a game changer for several industries by remodeling the existing tedious methods. Augmented reality helps businesses to come up with distinctive marketing methods with immense potential. Augmented Reality plays important role because it changes how we have a tendency to understand things. Augmented Reality solution simulates real world environment while making a totally immersive user experience.

At Futuresoft, we develop advanced augmented Reality applications for various business needs. We provide brands with innovative AR solutions with advanced marketing techniques and campaigns. Our solutions have an unmatched potential for making the most wonderful experiences across various platforms and multiple industry verticals. Augmented Reality solutions are distinctive, fascinating, transforming and capable of adding value to the client's business in this technical world.

Industries We Serve

  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Sanitaryware
  • Education & Training
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Banking/Financial
  • E-commerce

Types of Augmented Reality Solutions We Develop

Virtual Showroom

A virtual showroom application is designed for an experiencing virtual showroom that invites users to visualize completely different mixtures of the objects beyond the reality.

Augmented User Manual

We develop user manual in AR to offer an interactive way to perceive the guidelines step by step to extend the information retention while reading the manual.

Augmented Walk Through

Enhances your site visits with immersive 3D walk-through combined with fashionable floor plan technology that enables users to navigate seamlessly.

Real-Time Recognition

3D-models object recognition and tracking technique for mobile AR-devices to see the location and orientation of objects within the current scene.

AR Measurement

AR measure provide abstraction features to measure real-world objects by merely pointing your phone's camera orientation with respect to the real world frame.

Augmented Reality
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