LCD/LED Display Boards

IPdisplays TM manufactures smart LED signs with self-contained microprocessors that eliminate the need for a PC to "drive" them. Instead, using the onboard microprocessor and software developed by IPdisplays TM, these smart LED signs can intelligently pull information from a variety of sources, or receive information pushed to them, to dispaly anything from manufacturing production information to worker productivity statistics, call wait times....

Virtually anything that management and workers need to know to maintain productivity Smart LEDs from IPdisplays TM use Internet Protocols (IP) and Web service as the means of communication and gathering information needed to populate the signs with dynamic, real-time data.


IPdisplays TM smart LED signs offer a variety of notable features and benefits, including :
Intuitive User Interface
Save time with the ability to rapidly configure the display, Ultra-friendly, menu-based user interface that is similar in operation to most commercial programs.
Dynamic Sign Layouts
Provides unpracedented flexibility in how to diplay your informatio. Use a wide array of options for the number of zones and data elements. Multiple layouts may be used to convey all the information you desire.
Multiple Color Options
Easily differentiate between messages, data, and their importance with the use of color and blinking. Graphics and text may be configured with red, green or amber colors. Blinking can add further impact on a pixel-by-pixel basis.
Text and Graphics
Configure messages easily with a word processor-style interface. Multiple font styles and colors are available to format messages. Bitmap images also are easily imported and inserted into messages. Effects also are easily applied to messages.
Ultra-bright LED technology
These signs offer 8mm pitch LEDs for optimal viewing and readability from a distance.
Self-contained, Plug-and-Play System
No need for an extra PC or intermiediate software to drive the system. IPdisplays' signs are shipped with everything needed to begin operation after installation.
Browser-based Interface
Providing the maximum ease of use and operation. Users can manage thier displays from a simple Web browser anywhere an Internet connection can be found. No custom software needs to be installed to send messages, check status, or modify sign layouts.
Open-platform Design
No need to learn proprietary software protocols or new programming languages. The system uses simple, standard XML programming to send data to the displays.
Data Threshold Capabilities
Immediate, automated feedback based on your data. The on-board processor can be set to watch you data and compare it to preset thresholds to automatically alter the display, and provide a visual alert when data changes or a threshold has been crossed.
Conditions and Soft Logic
Change the look and feed of the display based on your data. Simply set up "conditions" and let logic change what and how the displays shows information. Add impact and attention to what's important by enabling new layouts or messages.
Remote Snapshop Capabilities
See what the display is showing wherever you are. Remotely receive a snapshot from the sign of what is being displayed directly from its video memory straight to your browser.

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