FutureSoft's Professional Services will help you gain maximum from your investment in NICE WFM

FutureSoft offers a wide-range of support services and training programs to help customers to use NICE IEX WFM more effectively and efficiently and stay up-to-speed on the latest technology changes.


Discover the true potential of NICE WFM


NICE Workforce Management

Our trained consultants will recommend the right services and courses to meet your immediate needs and accomplish long-term goals. We provide Technical support for NICE IEX WFM servers throughout the lifecycle of your system. As per the changes in technologies and processes, our team ensures your system runs at peak performance and users are knowledgeable.

NICE Workforce Management Training

FutureSoft with more than 20 years in implementation and support of NICE IEX Workforce Management System can help extracting the best value from your investment in NICE WFM. We provide skilled resources who will train your organization in managing WFM system and help WFM team to solve their problems and help in understanding features and best practices.

Training Packages
EDW & Admin

Important for resources who will design and define new Line of Businesses in WFM tool, Define forecasting and scheduling parameters.

Process & Webstation

Learn Forecasting, Scheduling and Manage daily workforce operations like real time monitoring, intraday management and change management.

Customized Training

Customized training for new hires as well as refresher course for experienced WFM resources

Delta training

Useful for WFM teams post upgrade to newer versions of NICE WFM. This short Training is provided on changes from older to newer versions. Improves skills and also saves time.

Refresher Training

Useful for WFM teams who need to improve their skills on NICE WFM and learn features not being used effectively.

TTT/agent training

Train the Trainer for WFM team who can train other team members in a large organization or where new WFM team members join frequently. Agent training directly to the agents on using WebStation and WebStation Plus features.

Handholding Sessions

Help with new process implementation, Go-Live and bring new hires up to speed.

Up and Running all the time...

Server Health Management and Support Services

FutureSoft being a certified partner of NICE in India provides technical support to various clients of NICE, we offer onsite support to NICE customers plus we provide end to end solutions be it Installation, Implementation, Integration of NICE IEX WFM with various other systems. Quick resolutions give you a hassle-free operations

Server Health

Monitor Services, ACD feeds (Real time & Historical), RCP connectivity & WebStation Connectivity on regular basis.

Server Log Management

Managing Application logs for troubleshooting

Backup Monitoring

Monitor daily backups and safe keeping

Real Time & Historical Feed Monitoring

Real time agent state update and historical call volume from ACD like Avaya, Cisco, Genesys etc.


Coordinating with IT, Network, Telecom and Operations for WFM related issues. Helping NICE with patch installation and issue resolution.

Front End Issues

Helping WFM team to effectively use application by efficiently handling their queries & issues.

Extend your WFM with technology integrations

NICE WFM Professionals Services

FutureSoft has dedicated team of Trained and NICE Certified professional resources who have extensive experience in Implementing, Integrating NICE WFM in various clients' sites. FutureSoft has been providing professional services since 2001 to various customers in India and in other countries. These resources have been trained and certified by NICE offices in Dallas, UK and Singapore.

NICE WFM Installation

We provide professional services to install NICE WFM R7.x, Patching, Tuning and ITP


We have extensive experience in upgrading NICE WFM from versions 3.x, 4.x, 6.x and 7.x.

ACD Integration

We have experience of integrating Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Aspect, Amazon Connect and many more ACDs with NICE WFM.


Creating new customer partitions for integrating new ACDs and Statistic interval changes


We have configured SmartSync Export/Import to integrate third party systems with NCIE WFM for various customers


Custom report/dashboard development for analysis and performance monitoring and improvement

Pre-Sales support

We have helped our customers with RFPs for their potential customers.

Advisory services to get the best out of people

NICE WFM Consulting & Managed Services

FutureSoft consulting services help you get the most out of your latest and existing technology investments. Based on your current environment, FutureSoft will recommend the services you need to improve operations and meet organization's vision and long-term goals.

Best Practices

Identify and share WFM best practices across all Business Units for Operations and planning. Agent Empowerment through various methods to reduce Shrinkage and increase Compliance among agents.

Workflow and Documentation

Ensuring workflow and documentation to be in accordance to clients’ guidelines, through internal Audits and guiding the clients’ Compliance Team in formulating policies.

Analytical Support

Providing analytical support to process heads across multi-processes over various Clients’ locations for improved productivity- Involves interacting with client on calls, determining needs, devising strategies and ensure seamless implementation.

Technical Interaction with clients

Responsible for frontline client interaction for Resource management, Call volume forecast, Capacity planning, Overtime planning etc.

Workforce Management Solutions

FutureSoft has been a NICE (IEX) partner since 2001, with its analysts certified by NICE (IEX). In addition the analysts have extensive hands on experience in live customer environments that equip them to provide quick turnaround to users.

FutureSoft offers services to IEX TotalView/NICE WFM customer :-

(Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh)
ACDs - Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Aspect, Genesys, LiveOps, Apropos, Amazon Connect etc